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High efficiency, low energy lighting products such as halogen lights, fluorescent lights, leds, solar powered lights and fixtures.

High efficiency, low energy lighting products such as halogen lights, fluorescent lights, leds, solar powered lights and fixtures.

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  • The Green Products Company

    The Green Products Company manufactures solar powered motion senssor lights including dual spotlights and LED lights as well as LED security spotlights. By using solar power and motion sensors to control the light, using lighting products from the Green Products Copmany can contribute to a drastically reduced electric bill by using a renewable source.

  • Dazor Manufacturing Corp.

    Dazor is a lighting manufacturer "ALLY" in the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Lights program. As a Green Lights manufacturer Ally, Dazor promotes the upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for corporations across America. Dazor's lighting and magnifying lamps are found today in commercial, professional, industrial, educational, medical, and residential settings throughout the world.

  • Phillips Lighting

    Phillips Lighting offers a new generation of electronic ballasts such as the HF-Performer EII for fluorescent lamps (TL'D and TL'5) and the PrimaVision for HID lamps offer large energy, and cost savings to customers. Reduced energy consumption will also lead to lower CO2 emissions, whilst the level of Hazardous substances is being reduced to levels far below legal requirements. In addition these ballasts will also provide longer for lamp life and hence less waste.

  • Sylvania

    ECOLOGIC was designed by OSRAM SYLVANIA as a thorough approach to reducing the environmental impact of our processes, packaging and products. ECOLOGIC products are available in the incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) product families.  All SYLVANIA products that are designated as ECOLOGIC are engineered to pass the Federal TCLP test for hazardous waste determination.

  • Musco Lighting

    Manufacturer of energy efficent outdoor sports lighting products for recreation and athletic facilities.Their reflector technology provides dramatic improvement of photometric efficiency requires fewer fixtures to achieve desired light levels, reducing energy costs.

  • Good Earth Lighting

    Good Earth is a supplier of styled, high quality, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures for residential and light commercial markets. Good Earth Lighting has been recognized by the EPA as a leading supplier of energy efficient lighting fixtures in the United States. 

  • Earthlighting

    Earthmate manufactures energy saving, eco-sensitive CFL light bulbs designed to reduce electricity consumption, prevent greenhouse gases, and fight global warming while providing long-lasting, economical, and reliable lighting for your home or business.

  • Litetronics

    Litetronics manufactures long life energy saving lighting products. Litetronics manufactures and markets a wide range of dynamic lighting products, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps.

  • Sea Gull Lighting

    Sea Gull Lighting provides decorative fixtures, sconces, outdoor lighting, and ceiling fans that reduce operating costs. Sea Gull Lighting is proud to be named ENERGY STAR Partner Of The Year by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • GE Lighting

    GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs provide energy-saving benefits and high-quality lighting. Offered in different shapes and sizes for many applications including decorative fixtures. GE's Energy Smart bulbs are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

  • Maxlite

    MaxLite manufactures and markets energy efficient lamps and fixtures. MaxLite is a vendor for new construction and replacement projects in the commercial, industrial and hospitality markets.

  • Sol

    Sol Inc. manufacturers solar-powered and energy efficient outdoor lighting solutions. Their innovative and cost-effective solar lights are assembled, tested, and easy to install for applications including: parking lots, pathways, parks, street/roadways, schools, military, government/counties, transit/bus stops, signs and more. 

  • Solar Street Lights

    Solar Street Lights manufactures energy saving lighting products for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality of solar systems.

  • Solardyne

    Solardyne is a distributor of renewable energy equipment and high efficiency appliances. Provides solar powered lighting systems that are effective for remote locations without power or where it is too expensive to run electrical lines.

  • All Modern Lighting

    All Modern Lighting provides eco-friendly lighting consisting of several types of energy efficient lighting including Energy Star, solar lighting, LED lighting, and fluorescent lighting.

  • Green Earth Lighting

    Green Earth Lighting specializes in environmentally friendly outdoor lighting. These lights are designed to reduce glare and produce no direct uplight.

  • YLighting

    YLighting offers a full line of eco-friendly lighting products including wall lights, ceiling lights, outdoor lights, task lights and more.

  • AM Conservation Group, Inc.

    A distributor of energy efficient lighting products including compact fluorescent lighting, night lights, LED exit signs as cold cathode lights.

  • Brinkmann Corp.

    Brickman is a manufacturer of a out door landscape solar lights. Solar lights are available in a variety of styles.

  • Malibu

    Malibu manufactures a large selection of solar accent lighting and low voltage landscaping lighting products.