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This category covers a variety of green products such as elevators, software, signage and real estate.

This category covers a variety of green products such as elevators, software, signage and real estate.

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  • CleanMetrics Corp.

    CleanMetrics provides cutting-edge software tools and databases to analyze and optimize environmental performance, based on rigorous analytical methodologies. Current application areas include supply-chain environmental performance, including detailed analysis of logistics, and carbon footprinting of products and services.

  • KONE US & Canada

    KONE, as an elevator and escalator company offers eco-efficient solutions that include elevators which conserve energy as well as solutions which recover breaking energy and convert it into electricity ( 25% of energy used by an elevator can be recovered). By use of these systems as wells as features like LED lights, analysis for People Flow of building, and modernization of systems, LEED contribution is possible in the areas of Energy & Atmosphere, Innovation & Design and compliant with EQ Low Emitting materials.

  • Barco, Inc.

    Barco makes billboards that use all green components in their DB-320 model, using an ambient environment controller to detect light conditions to adjust screen brightness, uses no lead, mercury, cadmium or PBDE, and produces less heat, requiring no HVAC, which uses less power.

  • Sun Plans

    Sun Plans offers eco-friendly house plans that allow your house to be as efficient as possible, working in passive solar energy, making your house sunny and open inside, instead of that closed-in feeling. They have an online database of plans you can search through as well as custom design services.

  • Green Building Supply

    Green Building Supply is an environmentally friendly home center offering natural and non-toxic building materials. The line of products are certified, safe and environmentally friendly for any office, home or building

  • Green Key Real Estate

    Green Key Real Estate’s agents are green building professionals and Eco-Brokers® that guide sellers in marketing the green, or greenable aspects of their property. Agents help search for the greener aspects of properties and third party certified green professionals and contribute 10% of their commissions back into the homes they sell toward green remodeling.

  • Nationwide Lifts, Inc

    Nation Wide Lifts offers the Freedom Green line of elevator designed for the home. Operated through machine traction drive the Freedom Green is minimal on power usage, features a cab made from 100% recycled or recovered wood, with the rest of the paneling made from melamine. Lift capability up to 1000lbs and on/off lighting rather than automatic on lights.

  • ASI Modulex

    ASI Modulex makes interior signs that are eco-friendly, such as their Terra models, made of ecoresin, 40% post-industrial recycled content (non off-gassing material), and is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified for recycled content.

  • Rick Thompson

    Rick Thompson offers green house plans, optimized for LEED certification as well as passive solar house plans, all for houses ranging from 700 to 2000 square feet, duplexes, and garages.

  • Glenwood Management

    Glenwood Management, established luxury Manhattan real estate developer, owner and manager, has begun leasing the second phase of its first sustainable green apartment development, Emerald Green, following the successful fall leasing of its north tower. Emerald Green is located within walking distance of Penn Station and many New York City train and subway lines, and is a short drive to the Lincoln Tunnel. The neighborhood presents an eclectic mix of culture, entertainment, restaurants, cafes and world-class shopping. Such world-renowned venues surround Glenwood’s green real estate including, Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway theaters and Bryant Park are nearby, as well as the couture houses and showrooms of the fashion industry’s most prominent designers.

  • Good Steward Software

    Good Steward Software has been the leading provider of the best energy efficiency software, training and services available. EnergyCAP® software serves the unique energy management needs of organizations that receive 50 or more utility bills each month.

  • Otis Elevator Company

    Otis offers the Gen2 system: elevators powered by a gearless machine, permanent-magnet synchronous motor. The feature of the system is a flexible, flat polyurethane-coated steel belt which replaces the conventional traction steel rope, as a longer lasting belt which also cuts down on the metal-to-metal wear, systems operating costs and energy use. Gen2 models range in applications from low- to mid-rise residential and commercial to high-rise luxury.

  • lead the field in the manufacture of carbon neutral displays for presentation, retail and exhibition applications. All of our products are manufactured at our own facilities allowing us to guarantee the highest standards of quality and fast delivery across our full range. Our product lines include poster frames for indoor and outdoor applications, snap frames with quick and easy poster access and lockable poster cases which are secure and waterproof. We also manufacture a range of pavement signs, including a-boards and forecourt signs, high-impact ultra slim light boxes and a fantastic choice of banner stands.

  • EcoHouse-Plans

    EcoHouse-Plans offers green house plans for eco & sustainable design for different climates, including polar, rainforest, tropical, dry, continental, and cold climates.

  • Stockholm Environment Institute

    Stockholm Environment Institute offers a widely-used software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment developed at the Stockholm Environment Institute. Its users include government agencies, academics, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, and energy utilities.

  • Rotary Lift

    Rotary Lift offers a fully contained inground lift. With features like a 60% recycled polymer housing, bio-fluid compatibility, full containment in 6’ deep steel enclosure traps oil inside the containment housing and keeps ground water out. EnviroGuard™ coating protects the system from electrolysis and other contaminates.

  • Garrell Associates

    Garrell Associates offers eco-friendly house plans and designs for active solar, passive solar, ecological & organic, and other environmentally friendly houses.

  • Energy Watchdog by Utilivision

    The Energy Watchdog is an easy to use fully web based energy tracking and utility bill management tools. Currently serves over 3500 education, retail, commercial, industrial, and government users.

  • Harwell Lifts Pty Ltd

    Harwel Lifts offers solar powered elevators for the home. While their hydraulic lifts feature design that allows oil to last for the lifetime of the lift, after which it is recyclable. Harwell passenger and limited ability lifts are designed and manufactured to AS1735 requirements.

  • Goshen Timber Frames

    Designing and building energy efficient, sustainable timber frame and hybrid homes nationwide.