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Eco Building Plans

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  • Sun Plans

    Sun Plans offers eco-friendly house plans that allow your house to be as efficient as possible, working in passive solar energy, making your house sunny and open inside, instead of that closed-in feeling. They have an online database of plans you can search through as well as custom design services.

  • Rick Thompson

    Rick Thompson offers green house plans, optimized for LEED certification as well as passive solar house plans, all for houses ranging from 700 to 2000 square feet, duplexes, and garages.

  • EcoHouse-Plans

    EcoHouse-Plans offers green house plans for eco & sustainable design for different climates, including polar, rainforest, tropical, dry, continental, and cold climates.

  • Garrell Associates

    Garrell Associates offers eco-friendly house plans and designs for active solar, passive solar, ecological & organic, and other environmentally friendly houses.

  • Goshen Timber Frames

    Designing and building energy efficient, sustainable timber frame and hybrid homes nationwide.