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Environmentally sound modular buildings for commercial, correctional, educational and residential applications from a wide variety of manufacturers.

 Modular buildings and homes are sectional prefabricated dwellings that consist of multiple modules or sections, which are manufactured in a facility before being transported to a site and placed on a foundation. Unlike a mobile home, a modular building is not supported on steel I-beams and is not equipped with wheels or axles.Because of the factory construction of these buildings, modular dwelling are very affordable and environmentally friendly, result in low waste, and have the ability to service remote locations.Modular building can be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Uses include: construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian and military housing, industrial facilities, churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants, and cruise ship construction. 

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  • LivingHomes LLC

    Living Homes LLC builds homes created by world-class architects.  Their homes include natural, non-toxic and sustainably-derived materials; and they're made in specially equipped factories that ensure unsurpassed quality, lower construction cost and waste, and shorten schedules. 

  • All American Homes

    All American Homes LLC manufactures modular, energy efficient homes.  Every All American home comes with a 10-year structural warranty.  They are built to withstand winds as high as 160 mph.  Systems-built homes are built in sections, so the impact of high winds is spread out and dissipated. 

  • GreenPod Development LLC

    GreenPod Development LLC  builds compact custom modular homes built for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability.  Pods can be individually customized and furnished to your specifications and individual living style.  Pod designs range from 300 to 800 square feet and  can be joined or stacked, creating any number of possible design options.  For interior textile furnishings, the designer uses a number of organically produced, anti-microbial fabrics designed specifically for GreenPod owners.

  • Anchor Modular Buildings

    Anchor Modular Buildings sells and leases standard and custom-built, prefabricated modular buildings, office trailers, steel buildings, green or sustainable buildings and portable classrooms to support the needs of a wide variety of businesses on the East coast.  Anchor Modular Buildings, a member of the United States Green Building Council, is working diligently to develop "green" sustainable modular buildings for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms and other types of facilities.

  • Ambiente Homes

    Ambiente Homes manufactures modular housing.  Their homes withstand hurricane winds, repel mold, withstand earthquakes, defy insects, remain undamaged by flood waters and resist fire.  They also have a 15 year warranty.  An Ambiente Home is eco friendly because it uses composite material made from recycled glass and consists of modular panels that are reinforced with cables and anchored to a concrete slab foundation.

  • Modtech Holdings Inc

    ModTech Holdings Inc. is a designer and builder of green buildings.  Green building options include use of environmentally friendly Green building products, energy saving technologies, operational cost saving materials and features to improve the interior environment through noise reduction and improved air quality.

  • Modular Architecture, a division of Douglas Cutler Architects

    Modular Architecture is a green building manufacturer.  Building green has positive results such as reduced operating costs by the end user home owner, improved public and occupant health and the reduction of environmental footprints.  They use materials considered to be “green” such as stone, recycled metal, non-toxic products, low-flow fixtures, low-e windows and energy star qualified appliances. 

  • Epoch Homes

    Epoch Homes is a manufacturer of custom modular green homes.  They use your design to build your home. After you've finalized the design of your home, the builder will contract with Epoch Homes to manufacture it.  The builder will also clear the site, obtain permits, provide for well drilling and septic installation, excavate and pour the foundation and oversee the setting of the modules.  He then hires the plumbers, electricians and carpenters to finish the house and does a walk through with you for any final details.  A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste and is healthier for people living inside.

  • Excel Homes

    Excel Homes is an ENERGY STAR® Partner and routinely builds homes that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. Their factory home building process enables them to build much “tighter” houses – homes that operate at least 15 percent more efficiently than a standard home.  Their standardized process reduces material waste and increases construction efficiency.

  • Modular Homes Inc

    Modular Homes Inc. is a LEED Certified custom modular home builder.  LEED certified homes lower operating costs and increase asset value, reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve energy and water.  They are healthier and safer for the occupants, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in many cities.

  • All American Modular LLC

    All American Modular LLC provide prefabricated, factory built, modular, and manufactured homes.  They offer over 300 floor plans gathered from 4 different builders. Modular and manufactured homes by their very nature are Green by recycling materials, reducing material waste and a having a low environmental impact on the job site.  From design to construction, your home has been planned to provide energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, and create a healthy environment for its owners.

  • Nortex Modular Space

    Nortex Modular Space specializes in the sale, lease, rental, repair and renovation of modular and portable buildings (permanent and temporary), mobile office trailers, portable classroom buildings, relocatable buildings, modular church buildings, GSA modular buildings, temporary offices and classrooms, as well as medical and special use buildings to government and private industry.  When using modular techniques there is less material waste and material exposure to incumbent weather, less site disturbance and safer construction.

  • Finish Werks

    Finish Werks is a custom green building manufacturer.  Finish Werks offers a standard 10 year warranty on all the modular homes they build.  They will have you in your new home in 1/3 - 1/2 the time of conventional building.  They are built in a computer controlled environment and transported to the site nearly complete. They are  more energy efficient and much stronger, able to hold up to hurricane winds.

  • Pacific Star Homes

    Pacific Star Homes manufactures custom, pre-assembled, steel frame homes for residential development and retail construction projects.  Their key product is a customized steel framed panel and modular unit technology that allows them to delivery homes that are completely wired, plumbed and closed on both the interior and exterior that can be easily configured with additional plans to create virtually any modern or comtemporary design home or commercial building.  Steel framing lasts up to three times longer than wood, and our materials are carefully selected to promote the use of environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing practices, and are chosen to eliminate airborne pathogens within the home to the fullest extent possible.

  • PortaFab Modular Buidling Systems

    PortaFab Modular Building Systems is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly modular building systems.  Pre-engineered modular systems are built to precise measurements, all of the components are standardized and designed to offer extensive design flexibility, there is minimal material waste.  Modular offices can also utilize energy efficient windows and doors, sky lights and large well-placed windows to optimize natural lighting, resulting in lower utility bills

  • Preferred Building Systems

    Preferred Building Systems is a proud builder of ENERGY STAR labeled home components that the builder and their homeowner can complete to achieve a 5 STAR Energy Rating.  Modular homes today are better built and more efficiently produced than stick built homes and they are often less expensive to own.

  • Simplex Industries Inc

    Simplex Industries Inc. custom-built modular homes come in just about any color imaginable, but each and every home is now proudly - Green. Green as in having been built using environmentally friendly methods and materials.  Simplex has a full-time recycling coordinator to oversee the effort. The coordinator's job is to ensure the plant collects every possible piece of material that can be recycled. Materials gathered by Simplex employees include, aluminum, drywall, vinyl siding, wood, cardboard, wire and even paint containers to name just a few.

  • Triumph Modular, Inc.

    Triumph Modular builds environmentally friendly modulars called Smart Space.  SmartSpace is an innovative building system that can be customized to serve a broad range of needs such as expansion space for schools, laboratories, medical facilities and general office use, among others.  Their Smart Space modulars are healthy to inhabit, energy efficient and reduce the overall impact on the environment.  

  • Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc.

    Universal Modular Building Solutions Inc. builds eco-friendly modular and prefabricated buildings.  Prefabrication keeps waste to a minimum, permits disassembly to reduce the demand for raw materials, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding site environment.  Universal Modular can apply Green designs to a wide variety of buildings. Their experience provides them with working knowledge of Green building materials and access to suppliers.

  • Whitley Manufacturing Co Inc

    Whitley Manufacturing Co. Inc. is dedicated to providing their customers with the option of pursuing green and environmentally sustainable modular buildings, as well as minimizing their own carbon footprint and impact on the environment.  Their  controlled, construction facility allows for efficient material use and re-use and the in-house steel fabrication operations allow for the use of recycled and refurbished components.