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Environmentally sound modular buildings for commercial, correctional, educational and residential applications from a wide variety of manufacturers.

 Modular buildings and homes are sectional prefabricated dwellings that consist of multiple modules or sections, which are manufactured in a facility before being transported to a site and placed on a foundation. Unlike a mobile home, a modular building is not supported on steel I-beams and is not equipped with wheels or axles.Because of the factory construction of these buildings, modular dwelling are very affordable and environmentally friendly, result in low waste, and have the ability to service remote locations.Modular building can be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Uses include: construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian and military housing, industrial facilities, churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants, and cruise ship construction. 

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  • LivingHomes LLC

    Living Homes LLC builds homes created by world-class architects.  Their homes include natural, non-toxic and sustainably-derived materials; and they're made in specially equipped factories that ensure unsurpassed quality, lower construction cost and waste, and shorten schedules. 

  • Modtech Holdings Inc

    ModTech Holdings Inc. is a designer and builder of green buildings.  Green building options include use of environmentally friendly Green building products, energy saving technologies, operational cost saving materials and features to improve the interior environment through noise reduction and improved air quality.

  • All American Modular LLC

    All American Modular LLC provide prefabricated, factory built, modular, and manufactured homes.  They offer over 300 floor plans gathered from 4 different builders. Modular and manufactured homes by their very nature are Green by recycling materials, reducing material waste and a having a low environmental impact on the job site.  From design to construction, your home has been planned to provide energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, and create a healthy environment for its owners.

  • Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc.

    Universal Modular Building Solutions Inc. builds eco-friendly modular and prefabricated buildings.  Prefabrication keeps waste to a minimum, permits disassembly to reduce the demand for raw materials, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding site environment.  Universal Modular can apply Green designs to a wide variety of buildings. Their experience provides them with working knowledge of Green building materials and access to suppliers.