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Environmentally sound modular buildings for commercial, correctional, educational and residential applications from a wide variety of manufacturers.

 Modular buildings and homes are sectional prefabricated dwellings that consist of multiple modules or sections, which are manufactured in a facility before being transported to a site and placed on a foundation. Unlike a mobile home, a modular building is not supported on steel I-beams and is not equipped with wheels or axles.Because of the factory construction of these buildings, modular dwelling are very affordable and environmentally friendly, result in low waste, and have the ability to service remote locations.Modular building can be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Uses include: construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian and military housing, industrial facilities, churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants, and cruise ship construction. 

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  • Anchor Modular Buildings

    Anchor Modular Buildings sells and leases standard and custom-built, prefabricated modular buildings, office trailers, steel buildings, green or sustainable buildings and portable classrooms to support the needs of a wide variety of businesses on the East coast.  Anchor Modular Buildings, a member of the United States Green Building Council, is working diligently to develop "green" sustainable modular buildings for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms and other types of facilities.

  • Excel Homes

    Excel Homes is an ENERGY STAR® Partner and routinely builds homes that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. Their factory home building process enables them to build much “tighter” houses – homes that operate at least 15 percent more efficiently than a standard home.  Their standardized process reduces material waste and increases construction efficiency.

  • Simplex Industries Inc

    Simplex Industries Inc. custom-built modular homes come in just about any color imaginable, but each and every home is now proudly - Green. Green as in having been built using environmentally friendly methods and materials.  Simplex has a full-time recycling coordinator to oversee the effort. The coordinator's job is to ensure the plant collects every possible piece of material that can be recycled. Materials gathered by Simplex employees include, aluminum, drywall, vinyl siding, wood, cardboard, wire and even paint containers to name just a few.