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Rain collection barrels, gardening products, bird and pest control and furniture for the green conscious outdoors person.

Rain collection barrels, gardening products, bird and pest control and furniture for the green conscious outdoors person.

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  • Bird-X, Inc.

    Manufacturer offering a variety of humane bird control methods. From the scarecrow of yesteryear to today's life like models, visual cues of birds' natural predators are an effective means of keeping them away. Sonic and ultrasonic means of repelling birds rely on sound waves to drive them away. Bird spikes and bird netting prevent the roosting of birds in undesirable locations. And lastly there are chemical repellents which rely on taste aversion to keep birds from fields and orchards.

  • Wildlife Management Supplies

    Wildlife Management Supplies sell "green" pest control products that have properties like being CFC free, meaning  they lack chlorofluorocarbon that break down harmfully into the atmosphere. Their varied product line work on insects like ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, termites, different types beetles, centipedes, and spiders, respective to each product; forms of repellent include sprays, gels, desiccant dust and insecticides.

  • Green Water Systems

    Green Water Systems offers commercial and residential rain water collection services through irrigation audits and consulting services. They have rain barrels and tanks available from 45 gallons to 2500 gallons. They also sell filtration equipment and water pumps.

  • Bird Gard, LLC

    Manufacturer offering electronic bird control products. These products utilize digital recordings of  bird distress and predator calls as well as annoying electronic harassment sounds to repel birds. Each system includes the noise generating unit, internal or external speakers and a weatherproof enclosure. Some systems have built in amplifiers and several external speakers to cover larger distances. The smallest system cover 1.5 acres of land while the largest will cover up to 30 acres.  

  • Abundant Earth

    Abundant Earth manufactures recycled plastic tables and benches in different styles, from park benches to field benches for sports, backless types, those designed for beach use, and Adirondack chairs; pedestal style tables, hexagon, and various sizes including 6' and 8' length. Use of recycled plastic lumber means embedded colorants and UV inhibitors throughout. Made using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from recycled milk jugs and plastic scrap, it is extremely durable, tougher than wood, non-toxic and maintenance free.

  • Hot Foot America

    Manufacturer offering a range of bird control products. These products include repellent gels that work by creating a sitck sensation that birds dislike instead of a burning or irritation sensation. Various products are available to prevent landing and roosting including spikes, netting and wire systems that are effective at keeping larger birds such as pigeons or gull from landing in undesired locations. Electric shock systems prevent birds from landing with a mild shock that is harmless to them. And lastly these are chemical disinfectants available to clean up bird landing areas.  

  • Gardens Alive! Inc

    Gardens Alive! is a mail order company focused on products with biological control of garden pests. They offer custom-blended fertilizer for balancing soil's nutrients. They also sells organic produce like snap pole beans, Yellow Fin potatoes and apples. Growth enhancers like liquid spray kelp, and microbial deodorizers and cleaners, plus organic pet care products.

  • Allen Ventures Inc

    Allen Ventures manufactures benches and picnic tables. Their product line includes table models comprised of 100% recycled plastic seats and top, with frames of heavy duty steel or likewise recycled plastic. Available in various models and style and color combination Allen Ventures offers 100% recycled plastic benches as well. Being made out of plastic these products are themselves recyclable.

  • Clean Air Gardening

    Clean Air Gardening offers rain barrels made from materials like recycled plastic. They stock rain barrels with capacities varying between 50, 55, up to 108 gallons. They also carry rain barrel accessories including dollies, spout attachments; while certain rain barrels feature planters on top.

  • Birdbusters

    Manufacturer offering a variety of humane bird control products. Structural bird control products include bird spikes, coils and wire to prevent the landing of larger birds, electric shock systems using fence or track and  flight diverters that use motion, reflectivity, and light emissions to alert the birds to power lines and communication towers. Audio and visual deterrents utilize models and sounds of predators to ward off problem birds. To tackle the bird problems common at airports, there are bird spikes for permanent or temporary use such as on props or rudders of stationary planes as well as electronic bird control devices for runway and helipad clearance thru the use of  distress and alarm calls and predator attack cries.

  • Green Dragon Pest Solutions

    Green Dragon Pest Solutions manufactures Green Dragon Roach Kill™. This product is manufactured using natural compounds that are environmentally-friendly and less toxic to people, children and pets. The primary active ingredient (PAI) is Boric Acid, which is derived from the mineral Borate -primarily found in rocks, soil and water. Their product is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • a division of RLM Innovations

    All Garden Benches distribute benches of various materials, to include high density plastic lumber made from recycled plastic such as milk jugs. Their recycled plastic park benches include garden benches designed with elegant aesthetic, to park benches, Adirondack style, and backless models.

  • Good Life Bird Control

    Distributor offering bird control products. These include electronic bird control products from Bird-X and Bird Gard that rely on sounds of distressed birds or predators or the soundwaves themselves to repel birds. Also visual cues meant to scare birds by imitating predators. To prevent roosting and landing, Bird-X's line of bird spikes and netting are offered. Taste and smell repellents are also available.

  • Garden Power Corporation

    Garden Power Corporation sells a suite of garden tools that emit zero pollution for use, from hand held tools to cordless, rechargeable gardening power tools like cutters, and the eco-friendly multi-tool system. They also offer lines of garden greenhouses.

  • Barco Products, a Geneva Scientific Co.

    Barco Products manufactures recycled plastic picnic tables of varied designs including round, hexagonal, wheelchair accessible ADA approved, foldable, pedestal mounted; plastic or steel frames. Their recycled plastic benches with hearty cast iron or plastic frame and recycled HDPE composite boards, come in free-standing, deck mount, backless and A-frame styles among others.

  • Airepel

    Manufacturer of a liquid bird repellent to be used on roofs, ledges, and other roosting areas. This eco-friendly repellent can be used alone or in conjunction with bird spikes or netting to prevent roosting and landing in undesrible areas.

  • Greenmaker Supply

    Greenmaker Supply sells gardening supplies ranging from push reel mowers to organic pesticides and fertilizers. They also sell composter bins for outdoors or even in-kitchen, and garden accessories utilizing bamboo and recycled materials.

  • Belson Outdoors, Inc.

    Belson Outdoors manufactures products for the park and recreation industry. Their recycled plastic park benches come in various styles with appearance options like cedar, brown, green and weathered wood; materials including resinwood, 100% recycled plastics.  Recycled plastic picnic tables come in-the-round, square, kid sized, pedestal, rectangular, and wheelchair accessible.
    In-ground mount models are available for benches and tables.

  • Green Harvest

    Distributors offering bird control products including bird flash tape and bird netting. The bird netting is durable, knitted, commercial netting with diamond shape (16 mm holes) available in black of white. The bird flash tape signals danger to the birds that seem to associate the reflecting sunlight with fire.

  • Nisus Corporation

    Nisus Corporation is a chemical manufacturer that supplies environmentally aware pest control products for homeowners, Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), and distributors. Their Bora-Care product is a borate-based wood preservative, rendering treated wood impervious to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as wood decaying fungi.