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  • The Green Products Company

    PermaTURF is an erosion controlling surface designed and manufactured by The Green Products Company. This product has a maximum load capacity of 100 tons per square yerd, making it an ideal lawn panel for supporting extremely heavy loads without rutting even in the most extreme conditions. A landscaped look can be achieved by using PermaTURF panels in conjuction with sod, seeded grass, moss, mulch or small stones.

  • Centaur Floor Systems

    Centaur Flooring Systems sells PlayGrind playground surfacing tiles made from recycled rubber, available in red, green, grey, and black and is suitable for use in child play areas, weight rooms, and power lifting areas.

  • sells bounce back safety playground surfaces, eco-friendly rubber tiles made from recycled scrap tires. These maintenance free tiles come in four colors, black, terracotta red, blue, and green and are for playgrounds, decks, pools, skateboard parks, and sound reduction.

  • Imagination Playground Surfaces

    Imagination Playground Safety Surface sells loose-fill and pour in place rubber playground surfacing, made from recycled tires, is cost effective, five times heavier than conventional mulch, has no odor and is non toxic. This surfacing is perfect for use in playgrounds, golf courses, parks, potted plants, and walking paths.

  • Kid Kushion

    Little Wolf Industries makes EMC Kid Kushion Tile, a playground surfacing system made from recycled truck tires, with the scrap steel of those tires being recycled for other purposes as well. Coming in blue, black, red, green, and coal colored as well as speckled colors, these tiles will cushion a fall from playground equipment.

  • PermaLife Products, LLC

    PermaLife makes playground surfacing products made of recycled tires including swing mats and pour & play surfacing. These products are made by shredding tires and then freezing them, to separate the rubber, metal wire, and thread to ensure that the rubber is free of exposed metal wire.

  • Rubberscapes

    Rubberscapes sells PermaLife Softstuff and Pour & Play shredded rubber playground surfaces, made of 100% recycled tires, usable for residential and commercial use. In addition, these playground surfaces come with Microban, antimicrobial protection, to help ensure the health of your users.

  • RubbeRecycle

    RubbeRecycle makes Playsafer rubber mulch, which is 99.9% steel free and made from 100% recycled tire rubber, available in red, green, brown, blue, and black colors. Additionally, they also make Playsafer rubber curb for safe, soft, eco-friendly borders for your play area.

  • Tex American Recycling

    Tex American recycling sells recycled rubber playground surfaces to help cushion a child's fall from playground equipment, and will not cause splinters like wood chips might. This mulch is created by shredding tires and then put through a process using magnets which removes the metal wires from tires.

  • Marathon Athletic Surfaces

    Marathon Athletic Surfaces makes landsafe playground surfaces, a rubberized surface with a base mat made of recycled rubber buffings, and is usable in playgrounds, water parks, pool decks, and golf courses.


    Rubber mulch is a unique product made from 100% rubber tire it can be used for playground flooring, landscaping, and arena footing it is the safest, sturdiest, most economical choice.