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  • RB Rubber Products

    RB Rubber Products manufacture high quality, durable rubber mats and other protective surfaces and products made from recycled tires. RB recycled rubber products include flooring, mats and modular tiles for commercial and athletic facilities, pet flooring and mats including equestrian use, and product for cargo containers.

  • Ecore

    Ecore manufactures recycled rubber products for a variety of applications from sound insulating to aerospace; Ecore manufactures the cork gasketing used in the space shuttle’s thermal protection systems. Their flooring applications include education, healthcare, retail, corporate, hospitality, even sport and recreation.

  • IMC

    Internation Mulch Company (IMC) manufactures mulch and mats for landscape applications and playgrounds made from 100% recycled rubber.

  • Recycled Tire Mats

    Recycled Tire Mats manufactures handmade recycled tire rubber mats with wide possibility for use. Their anti-fatigue work mats can be used for restaurants, retail and workshops, industrial applications, and marine and other vehicles.

  • Rubber Bark

    Rubber Bark is a rubber mulch manufactured by Ag Link, Inc. It's made from recycled California tires and is steel-free. It's also manufactured to take the look of wood, or rock and is intended for landscape and playgrounds.

  • RubberForm

    RubberForm is a manufacturer of recycled rubber products and other environmentally friendly materials including shipping & vehicle safety, HVAC & roofing products. They can design and manufacture custom products. They manufacture traffic signs and bases, speed bumps, engineered rubber curb systems. Their commercial and residential applications include patio blocks, rubber bricks, boat & dock bumpers, and wheel chocks, wheel stops, and protective edging for gardens and playgrounds.

  • Used Rubber USA

    Used Rubber USA makes wallets, bags and accessories made from reclaimed inner tubes, primarily truck tubes, but also working with motorcycle, car and bicycle tubes. Their products also include planners and address books.

  • US Rubber Recycling

    U.S. Rubber Recycling is a manufacturer of flooring products made primarily from recycled rubber. Their flooring products are designed specifically for high traffic/ high abuse areas in retail and commercial buildings; these include paver tiles and flooring made of crumb rubber, a tire recycling by-product.

  • US Rubber Reclaiming

    U.S. Rubber Reclaiming is a single-source reclaimed butyl rubber supplier to the U.S. tire industry. Active in reclaiming butyl rubber they supply inner tube manufacturers and vendors of tape used for gas/oil pipe line wrap. USRR supplies manufacturers like Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin, in effect making rubber tires made from recycled rubber.

  • Vulcana

    Vulcana makes handbags, fabrics and other accessory products made from a patented sheet rubber using recycled car tire crumb. They manufacture products using recycled tires as an alternative to leather.

  • Green Rubber-Kennedy AG, LP

    Green Rubber Kennedy Ag is a distributor of a full line of industrial and agricultural products specializing in farming, food processing and industrial markets. They have a urethane division that can custom cast & mold rubber and urethane products like rollers and wheels. They use high quality urethane polymers from Uniroyal & Crompton for food-grade, general purpose, or Industrial grade items.

  • Global Rubber

    Global Rubber Inc. is a scrap rubber recycler providing scrap rubber collection services to the tire and industrial rubber manufacturing industry. They manufacture a wide variety of recycled rubber products including turf, pavers, mats and rolled rubber for sport, agricultural flooring and more.

  • Ground Rubber

    West Coast Rubber Recycling manufactures GroundRubber which is a product made from 100% California recycled tires and used for playground, landscape, flooring for horse arenas/stalls, and molded rubber products like wheel stops. West Coast Rubber Recycling also provide junk tire pick-up and recycling services.

  • Praxair

    Among the services Praxair provides, their waste management includes rubber recycling services. Praxair's primary work is as a manufacturer of gases -atmospheric, process and specialty gases.

  • Rebound Rubber

    Rebound Rubber Recycling reclaims and recycles used automobile and truck tires in southern Wisconsin. From reselling used tires to processing and repurposing, the majority of their processing means creating rubber granules and crumb for flooring. They also manufacture commercial roll rubber roofing material from recycled tires and sell chunk and crumb rubber in a variety of sizes.

  • Sonepa

    Sonepa is an all-waste disposal management company for european tire factories and other plastics & rubber processing plants. They collect, dispose of and recycle rubber production waste; offering plastics and rubber scrap.

  • Harmony Industries

    Harmony Industries is a recycler of rubber by-products including used separator sheets, carrier films of paper or plastic. Their rubber recycling includes silicone rubber, uncured/unvulcanized green tires, and finished goods like conveyor belts and power transmission belting.

  • GTR

    GTR (Global Tire Recycling) manufactures crumb rubber from whole waste tires. Applications for their ground tire rubber include the transportation sector, as an asphalt blender; landscape, walkways and equestrian use.

  • Enviro Tire

    EnviroTire Recycling is a supplier of tire recycling equipment. Their specialty is sourcing, designing and installing tire recycling plants around the world.

  • is the maker of CryoVortex a line of cryoegnic scrap tire recycling equipment that makes crumb rubber, rubber mulch and colored rubber mulch ground cover from non-shredded scrap tires. They boast the CryoVortex equipment line and process as a single pass tire to crumb rubber process.