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  • Green Plastic Pallets

    Green Plastic Pallets manufactures plastic pallets made from 100% recycled plastic.  Their pallets are injection molded of 100% recycled polypropylene and polyethylene which is easily recycled and will last up to 10 years.

  • Frank\'s Pallet Service

    Frank's Pallet Service is a supplier of new and recycled wood pallets.  They also arrange for repair or recycling of broken pallets. 

  • Industrial Pallet Corp

    Industrial Pallet Corp. buys and sells recycled wood pallets.  They offer Grade A and Grade B 4-way 48" x 40"pallets as well as 2-way and odd sized pallets.  

  • Northwest Pallet Supply

    Northwest Pallet Supply is a manufacturer and recycler of wood pallets. They offer a wide range of services including new pallets, recycled pallets, remanufactured pallets, pallet recycling programs, cardboard and plastic recycling programs and drop trailer programs.

  • Pallet Consultants

    Pallet Consultants offers new, used, recycled and custom wood pallets.  Recycled pallets can be assembled entirely from recycled lumber or a combination of recycled and new lumber.  A combination of mixed lumber is used for recycled pallets, usually hardwoods and pine, however, they can build to any specification.

  • Premier Pallets

    Premier Pallets is a manufacturer of recycled, remanufactured and new wood pallets.  They commonly carry the following sizes of recycled pallets,48 x 48 drum pallets, 1.2 x 1.0 and 1.2 x .8 meter euro pallets, 42 x 42 pallets, 36 x 36 pallets, 56 x 44 bulk pallets, 48 x 42 pallets and 44 x 56 top frame pallets.


  • RecycledNew Pallets

    Recycled New Pallets is a manufacturer of recycled pallets.  They also provide pallet reclamation services, repair and return services.  They stock common sized pallets but will built to any specification.

  • WNC Pallet

    WNC Pallet produce new and recycled wooden pallets and skids.  They are capable of producing almost any size of new and recycled pallets, skid, box, or crating in most species of hardwoods, or softwoods, or OSB, particle board, or plywood.  If dryness is required for particular needs, they can supply with either air-dried or kiln-dried materials.

  • Calumet Pallet Co., Inc.

    Calumet Pallet manufactures new and recycled wooden pallets.  They also buy pallets for recycling, re-manufacturing or converting into useful items such as playground surfacing, garden mulch and animal bedding.  Their re-manufactured pallets use a combination of new and reclaimed wood.

  • Alpha Pallets

    Alpha Pallets is a supplier of used, recycled, re-manufactured, stringer, block style, heat treated, ISPM-15, IPPC and export pallets.  They also buy used pallets and repairs them for resale.

  • Earthworks Recycling

    Earthworks Recycling recycles certain sizes of wood pallets, as well as some plastic pallets.  Earthworks buys usable #1 and #2 four way pallets and will take junk pallets for a fee.

  • Olympic Forest Products

    Olympic Forest Products offers recycled GMA pallets as well as recycled block, re-manufactured, Euro, drum and combination pallets.  Recycled GMA pallets consist of reusable 48” x 40” 4-way pallets in the common size of 48"x40".  Combination pallets are repaired pallets that may have a combination of new runners and recycled decking or vice versa.

  • Lovett Pallet Recycling

    Lovett Pallet Recycling offers a variety of pallet services including a pallet purchase and pallet repair program.  They buy 48x40 4-way pallets.  All odd sizes and scrap pallets are often removed at no charge. 

  • Albany Pallet Exchange

    Albany Pallet Exchange buys and recycles used and reconditioned wood pallets form business' and industries.  They have many sizes and grades available, some of which include 48x40 grade #1and #2, 48x40 heat treated, 45x45, 44x44, 48x42 and more.

  • A-1 Pallet Company

    A-1 Pallet Company offers new, re-manufactured and reconditioned wood pallets as well as crates and boxes.  Re-manufactured pallets are newly assembled from recycled pallet parts. The recycled parts are obtained from recycling/dis-assembly of used pallets. They stock a large inventory of used or reconditioned pallets that are ready to be delivered.

  • Martin Pallet

    Martin Pallet buys, repairs and sells a wide variety of sizes of recycled pallets in addition to the standard 48" X 40" GMA, Grocery Manufacturers Association. Their recycled GMA pallets are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition. 

  • Best Pallets

    Best Pallets maintains a large inventory of recycled and new pallets at all times with over seven acres of yard storage space.  They have pressed wood export pallets to heat treated new pallet or premium plastic slave pallet and can build and or design custom pallets to your specifications or drawing.

  • Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls

    Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls manufactures pallets, cribbing, coil pads, and ThickWall moldings for custom materials handling and OEM parts from recycled plastic.