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  • The Green Products Company

    The Green Products Company offers dozens of textile products including a full line of fabrics made from strong, natural fibers including animal coats, silkworm cocoons, plant seeds, leaves and stems. These fabrics come in a wide selection of decorative designs.

  • Brentano

    Brentano offers a variety of fabrics using recycled fiber content including recycled cotton, nylon, and polyester.  Recycled fabrics from Brentano include blends of various recycled fibers as well as several 100% post consumer recycled polyester textiles.  One source of post consumer polyester is recycled soda and water bottles that otherwise may have ended up as waste. Their recycled polyester fabric is fully recyclable, and is never intended to reach the landfill.

  • EnviroTextiles

    Enviro Textiles offers hemp textiles from China and Europe.  They stock 100% Hemp and Hemp blend textiles for a wide range of applications in both apparel and home furnishing/upholstery markets.  Sustainable textiles can be purchased in canvas, twill, muslin, plain weaves, jersey knit, fleece, specialty weaves, apparel and heavy duty upholstery weight fabrics.

  • GreenSage Store

    Green Sage offers sustainable fabrics including organic, natural and hemp fabric.  Their organic fabrics are for upholstery, windows and accessories.  The cotton twill fabric collection contains solid color, cotton fabrics that contain no sizing or chemical finishes.  Green Sage also has heavier- weight hemp and hemp blend fabrics and natural blend fiber fabrics.

  • Green Textile

    Green Textile is a US manufacturer of circular knit, warp knit, and woven fabrics.  The implementation of the concept of sustainability is a critical evolution in the fabric offerings and operation of Green Textile.  In addition to producing organic cotton fabrics, Green Textile produces fabric from other sustainable fibers such as recycled polyester, PLA, bamboo, hemp, Modal™, and Tencel™.

  • Kate Fletcher

    Kate is the sustainable fashion and textiles filter with its roots in diversity, creativity and ecological awareness. Kate has studied extensively on how to manufacture textiles with the environment in mind and has written and lectured on the subject. 

  • Kravet Green

    The Kravet Green Collection is made of 100% recycled polyester. Their recycled polyester is a blend of post-industrial and post-consumer fibers. These fabrics are woven and treated with no additional chemicals. During the finishing process, water based products and environmentally approved dyes are used.

  • Pallas

    Pallas is a manufacturer of sustainable textiles.  Collections include textiles for contract upholstery and panel systems, wall-coverings, textiles for healthcare environments and casements.  They offer a wide variety of prints, patterns and colors.

  • Rubie Green

    Rubie Green manufactures eco-friendly textiles.  Their upholstery fabrics are made of 100% certified organic cotton, which is whitened without bleach.  They print with water-based, non-toxic inks that contain no volatile organic compounds, and utilize a printing process that minimizes water consumption and use heat and pressure to finish their fabrics instead of chemicals.

  • Designtex

    Designtex is a manufacturer of sustainable textiles.  Some of the textiles they offer are upholstery, wall covering, privacy textiles, panel fabric, shades and screens and handmade rugs. 

  • Reclaimed Textiles

    Reclaimed Textiles Co., a textile recycling company that manufacture and distribute quality wiping rags for and to industrial supply stores throughout the United States.