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  • DEFI

    DEFI makes Argildéco, a natural coating made up of clay and sand mined from France whose natural properties and DEFI's manufacturing process is offered as their ecological and aesthetic wall coating. They also make professional grade marking and measuring tools like marking chalk, reels, measuring tapes and high tensile strength twine.

  • Fibreworks

    Fibreworks makes the Sisal Wallcovering. Derived from a commercially grown plant called the the sisalana, the Sisal Wallcovering is made up of woven Sisal plant fibers, making it biodegradable and sound absorbent. Fibreworks markets this product as ideal for high abuse/high traffic areas including gymnasiums and convention centers.

  • NaturDecor

    NaturDecor manufactures Envision, a wallcovering for use in markets from hospitality and retail to healthcare and commercial offices. NaturDecor uses polyester cellulose substrate to make PVC-free contract wallcovering made of recycled and recyclable content.

  • Omnova

    Omnova Solutions manufactures contract wallcoverings including REcore, a recyclable wallcovering made of 30% recycled content that is low-VOC-emitting and eligible for LEED credits.

  • Pallas

    Pallas manufactures textiles for corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets. They offer textiles made incorporating recycled and recyclable materials such as polyester, nylon, and pulp.

  • Plexus

    Plexus manufactures Second-Look™ Recycled Wallcovering a vinyl wall covering that has at least 20% total recycled content including a minimum of 10% post-consumer. Second-Look can support LEED criteria.

  • Roos

    Roos International are the developers and manufacturers of Glass Textile Wallcovering (GTW) for commercial and residential applications including new construction and renovation projects. GTW is  woven glass textile yarns combined with paint and adhesive, available in various textures and patterns.

  • Second Look

    LSI Wallcovering introduced Second-Look® in 2006. It is a post-consumer recycling program for vinyl wallcovering. Made with 20% recycled content, and a minimum of 10% post-consumer content, Second-Look is available through the Cirqa, Plexus and Versa brands.

  • Designtex

    Designtex manufactures a wide selection of wallcoverings in many designs, with material options from olefins to natural woven fibers and PVC-free vinyl.

  • Xorel

    Xorel is a woven textile, the yarn is a monofilament polyethelene; application use includes as a wallcovering, panel and upholstery soultion. It comes in various yarn sizes and hundreds of colors.