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  • Artemis Consulting Group

    Artemis Consulting Group is an environmental strategies firm, that teams with management, procurement, engineering, and environmental staff to create and develop green business strategies. Services include Environmental Policy Creation, Green Branding, Green Supply Chain Strategies and Program Development, Green Building Consulting and Identifying green markets for clients’ products and services.

  • Attune Development Consultants

    Attune is established as a premier LEED consulting firm. Services include LEED AP Consulting, Due Diligence / Feasibility Studies Management, Pre-Construction Services, Historic Preservation Services and Forensic Investigation. Attune customizes each contract after a complete evaluation of the client's needs.

  • Brighter Green Consulting

    Brighter Green Consulting provides information and consulting services to builders.  Their services  range from  reducing construction waste, green building documentation, composting organic waste, to overall project management. 

  • EcoOffiency

    Eco-officiency provides sustainability consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. Services include CSO Internal Advisors, Sustainability Assessments, Sustainability Plans, and Employee Training.

  • Eco Life Consulting

    Ecolife Consulting assists organizations increase profits and discover new ‘green’ revenue streams through sustainable business practices. Clients include builders, architects, home remodelers, non-profits, city and state governments and private companies. Services include LEED consulting, Energy/Water conservation strategies, Rain harvesting systems and many other services.

  • Environmental Services Inc

    Environmental Services Inc. provides sustainable consulting service in areas such as LEED certification, carbon services, renewable energy, biofuels and water.

  • Green Gurus is an online consulting firm that provides sustainable solution to help reduce or zero out the negative environmental impact that many homes, businesses, organizations, and projects face.  The firm analyzes, audits, and gives a scorecard to determine strengths and weaknesses of carbon and ecological footprints.

  • Green Ideas

    Green Ideas is an environmental building consulting firm.  They provide consulting and educational services in the field of green building.  Green Ideas services include educational programs, LEED project consulting and management, product evaluations, corporate sustainability planning, green marketing programs, and environmental management systems. 

  • Green Mind Inc

    GreenMind is a consulting firm that uses the triple bottom line of environmental, economic, and social responsibility to assist organizations, projects, and products in the marketplace.  Consulting services include environmental growth and learning including green building consulting, market intelligence, and cost/benefit analysis.

  • Green Smith Consulting

    GreenSmith Consulting offers a range of green consulting services including social media marketing campaigns, resource mining/sourcing, sustainable strategy analysis, process mapping/diagramming, business plan creation and review, and branding analysis. 

  • Kema

    KEMA provides green building consulting services to governments and industries on policy, planning and construction projects. Consulting services include power generation services, power system planning and management, sustainable market strategies, and retail energy markets for the construction of green buildings.

  • Maggie Wood

    Maggie Wood is a green home and lifestyle consulting and design firm.  They provide guidance in the design and construction of green residential and commercial projects.  Maggie Wood serves as a bridge between the homeowner or business owner and the architects, contractors, and interior designers working on the project.  They will also assist in getting LEED certification. 

  • Michael Heacock

    Michael Heacock & Associates is an ecological design and consulting firm.  They specialize in green building, energy conservation, renewable energy, air quality, and LEED consulting services. LEED certification is available for new construction, homes, schools, existing buildings, and neighborhoods.

  • Pacific Building Care

    Pacific Building Care is a consulting group that guides property and facility managers with the assessment and achievement of LEED certification for their properties.  The services provide the LEED certification process for planning, managing, and executing each phase.  With a focus on the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

  • Paladino & Company, Inc.

    Paladino & Company Inc. SDKeppler division is an environmental and energy consulting company.  They provide green building consulting and LEED certification services.  SDKeppler provides technical support to get required elements into the construction documents to achieve compliance.  They also compile all documentation, calculations, and submittals required for LEED certification applications.

  • Sustainable Design Consulting, LLC

    Sustainable Design Consulting provides sustainable design which helps developers, architects, and builders to create more environmentally-sensitive structures and settings.  Services include green building technical consulting, sustainable design assessment and drawing, specifications review and editing, LEED green building ratings, and LEED advisory services. 

  • Taylor Systems Engineering

    Taylor Systems Engineering provides LEED consulting, commissioning, energy efficiency, sustainability, and green systems design.  Taylor specializes in mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications.  They are a US Green Building Council member and an Energy Star partner. 

  • TGreen Consulting

    TGreen Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and implementation, leadership development and stakeholder and employee engagement.  TGreen specializes in non-profit, academic, and government sectors with a focus on process consulting involving organizational tools and methods. 

  • M. Landman Communications & Consulting

    M. Landman Communications & Consulting offers green building consulting services, having worked with building professionals (from architects to developers and contractors), building owners, homeowners, and government agencies. The company offers writing and editing services as well as education and training services in addition to their consulting.

  • Green Ideas

    Green Ideas is an environmental building consultant with services including LEED project management, renewable energy systems analysis, facilities management, and corporate sustainability planning.