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Solar powered products including air conditioners, lights, ovens, pumps, heating equipment, shingles, fountains, pool heaters and chargers.

 Various solar equipment converts sunlight into electricity to create an electron flow or heat a fluid. Solar equipment can also be defined as equipment that functions via solar energy.  The most common type of solar equipment are photovoltaics or solar panels, which generate electrical power by converting solar radiation into DC electricity via semiconductors that exhibit a photovoltaic effect.Types of solar equipment include: generators, cells, air conditioners, collectors, pool heating, solar panels, chargers, batteries, shingles, pumps, lights, heating equipment, screens, fountain, power resources, and ovens. 

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  • SolCool One, LLC,

    SolCool One, LLC is the manufacturer of direct current air conditioning units.  Features include 24-48 volt systems, DC and/or AC converted charge, DC scroll/rotary compressor and wireless T-stat.

  • Apex Battery

    Apex Battery is a leading battery distributor for just about every application. Apex offers a large selection of solar batteries and solar battery chargers.

  • Specialty Pool Products

    Specialty Pool Products manufactures solar blankets made from homogenous blends of polymers and co-polymers in single layer formats.  Blankets are available for in-ground and above-ground pools in round, oval and rectangular shapes and are proven to raise the water temperature by 10-15 degrees, as well as reduce evaporation.  Three types of blanket removal devices are offered- solar reel systems, solar saddles and poly tarps.

  • Thermo Technologies

    Thermo Technologies manufactures flat plate solar collectors among its product line. The SOL 25 Plus model has a net absorbing surface of almost 27 sq feet, is
    3 inches thick, and has a copper absorber with copper passages for heat transfer. Installation hardware custom designed is available for mounting purposes.

  • Powerenz

    Powerenz offers custom solar generators and solar backup generators.  The Powerenz product line includes emergency power generators, marine solar chargers, off-grid generators, portable solar power units, and solar battery chargers for cameras, communication radios, and CPAP machines.  The Metal Storm system delivers a maximum of 1000 continuous watts of AC power via a 12-volt DC-120-volt, 60Hz, AC power inverter that has two 3-prong AC receptacles.  The unit weights 225 pounds.  The Emergency Power Generator delivers a maximum of 180 watts of power to two fused DC ports, and 300 continuous watts of AV power via an inverter.  The carrying case measures 17 x 11 x 8.5 inches. 

  • Sunwize

    Sunwize solar lighting systems are used to provide lighting in areas where there is no utility power or where excavation for underground power lines make utility power too costly.  The lighting system uses a luminaire that incorporates a computer-designed, polished specular reflector to maximize the lighting intensity and coverage area. SunWize DLS systems are powder coated in architectural bronze, including the optional pole and arm. The luminaire is available in both low pressure sodium and fluorescent lamps.  The high density solar modules come with a 20 year warranty.  The entire pole-mounted system is designed to withstand 90 mph load winds.  The pole top mount adjusts 0-90 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees about pole.  The enclosure can be locked, comes with mounting brackets, and has wiring access.

  • Solar Oven Society

    The Solar Oven Society manufactures the SOS Sport Solar Cooker that cooks food and also pasteurizes water.  It's made of post consumer soft drink bottles and insulated in closed cell foam insulation.  The Sport Solar Cooker comes with a double layer lid and hold two 10-inch pots.  The pots can reach temperatures of 300F.  Optional detachable reflectors are also available for northern regions to lengthen the cooking times.  A WAPI (water pasteurization indicator) is also included. 

  • Phifer

    Phifer manufactures a variety of indoor and outdoor sun control screens for commercial and residential markets. Phifer’s newest eco-friendly products include sun control and designed fabrics that are 100 percent recyclable. These PVC-free fabrics are generated from a core yarn that is born out of post-industrial waste by-product, which lends itself to repeat recyclability for continued sustainability.

  • SHURflo

    SHURflo offers the 9300 series submersible 24 VDC pump.  It features a long-life 24 VDC operation for wells 4" or larger.  The pump is made from corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners and delivers a steady 112 GPH with a maximum depth of 230 feet when supplied with 24 VDC.  The diaphragm pumps are used for transfer and dispense-on demand applications, and can be self primed up to 8 vertical feet.  The dispense on demand uses a built-in 60 PSI pressure demand switch.

  • Solar Electric Light Fund

    The Solar Electric Light Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to designing and implementing renewable energy for those in the devleoping world, delivering solar power to those in need. They have projects around the world including in Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, and more.

  • Harpiris Energy

    Harpiris Energy manufactures the SunCache solar water system.  The SunCache has been OG-300 certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.  This is a system for residential locations in the sunbelt locations. 

  • Uni-Solar

    Uni-Solar makes photovoltaic laminates which can be used for solar shingle systems, with power ratings from 68 to 144W, they are lightweight and flexible and practically unbreakable. This PVL can be used on metal roof shades, parking structures, commercial membrane such as TPO and EPDM, commercial modified Bitumen roofing, and more.

  • Dunmore Corp.

    Dunmore Corp. manufactures a line photovoltaic film products including solar backsheets, FPE backsheets, PPE+ backsheets, TPE backsheets, and thin film photovoltaics. The company provides thick film PV backsheets for copper indium gallium selenide, amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, and dye sensitized solar cell.

  • GreenCore Solar Air Condtioning

    GreenCore Solar Air Conditioning manufactures solar powered air conditioning units that combines efficient photovoltaic technology with DC engineered air conditioning innovation to provide climate control that does not contribute to green house gas emissions or global warming.

  • Midwest Canvas

    Midwest Canvas manufactures solar blankets with an aluminum heat shield underside, tested to increase heat retention by 14.6%.  Also available are solar covers, winter pool covers, and various reel systems.

  • Apricus

    Apricus manufactures solar thermal systems. The Apricus solar collector is designed to be used with pressure up to 8 bar/116psi. Features of the solar collector, or solar water heater, are a corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header and all stainless steel frame (439 grade SS). It also comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

  • Mobile Solar Power

    Mobile Solar Power offers transportable solar generators.  The generators are mobile so they don't require permits or inspections.  The MS-100 series is designed for small events.  It is light enough to be towed behind 4 or 6-cylinder vehicles and powerful enough to run 3,500 watt loads.  The MS-200 series are solar generators powered off larger solar arrays.  Some have the option of 120/240VAC output.  The MS-300 series has trailers up to 20 feet and tandem axles that can carry large battery banks and can produce up to 24 kWh/day. 

  • Atersa

    Atersa's photovoltaic modules are made of high-efficiency square cells capable of producing power with only 4-5% solar radiation. All models from 38W have by-pass diodes in the junction box. A wide range of power available will meet the requirements of any photovoltaic system.

  • Selco

    Selco systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) modules to provide electricity for lighting, water pumping, communications, computing, entertainment, and small business appliances.  Selco provides CFL and LED indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as solar headlamps.  

  • Sun BD

    The Sun BD Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven operates on solar power and 250 watts/110v AC of electric power.  The oven is thermostatically controlled and reaches temperatures of up to 300 degree F.  The hybrid feature allows food to be kept safe, in case the solar energy for the day should be reduced.  The oven is made of UV resistant fiber reinforced plastic and weights 29 lbs. including cooking pots.  The cooking capacity per day ranges from 4-17 lbs.