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Solar Air Conditioners

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  • SolCool One, LLC,

    SolCool One, LLC is the manufacturer of direct current air conditioning units.  Features include 24-48 volt systems, DC and/or AC converted charge, DC scroll/rotary compressor and wireless T-stat.

  • GreenCore Solar Air Condtioning

    GreenCore Solar Air Conditioning manufactures solar powered air conditioning units that combines efficient photovoltaic technology with DC engineered air conditioning innovation to provide climate control that does not contribute to green house gas emissions or global warming.

  • Rotartica

    Rotartica is a manufacturer of solar and gas-fired cooling units.  These units are powered by natural gas and thermal solar energy and are designed to provide air conditioning for semi-detached houses, chalets, medium-sized business premises and a host of other applications.

  • Solar Panels Plus

    Solar Panels Plus manufactures cooling and heating units powered by solar energy collected in evacuated tube solar thermal panels. The thermal energy is delivered to the solar powered chiller using a Glycol (antifreeze) solution and a system of pipes, pumps and controllers.

  • Solatron Technologies

    Solatron Technologies manufactures solar powered air conditioning units.

  • ClimateWell

    ClimateWell is the developer of an indoor climate solution that can store energy and convert hot water to heating or cooling without the need of electricity.  This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 15 tonnes per year.

  • Hangzhou Senzhan Co Ltd

    Hangzhou Senzhan Company is the manufacturer of solar powered air conditioning units.  Products are available in window and floor models.

  • Austin Solar AC

    Austin Solar AC is the manufacturer of solar air conditioning units  which provides a heating and cooling system that requires no electricity to drive the air conditioning cycle.

  • is the manufacturer of solar powered air conditioning units used in RV's, cabins, boats and commercial buildings.

  • ClimateWell

    ClimateWell AB, the Solar Cooling® company, from Sweden and its business partners develop and market energy efficient indoor climate solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Its triple state absorption process is a patented technology which transforms heat into cooling without using electricity. ClimateWell AB and its management team received various international awards and recognitions for their innovation. The company offers its solutions through its partners around the world.

    The time of year when cooling is needed also offer the most Solar irradiation.

    If heating and cooling of buildings were to be done by Solar energy we would lower the global energy consumption by more than 20%.

  • Solar Panels For Home

    Sungevity is proving that going solar is easy, a good investment, and a viable way to reduce carbon emissions.