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  • CEL Central Electronics Ltd

    CEL is a manufacturer of single crystalline silicone solar photovoltaic cells.  Specifications includee 125 mm x 125 mm, textured surface, thickness of 240 + 30 microns, Isc of 4.5 amp, voc of 600 mV, Im of 4.0 amp, Vm of 480 mV, Pm of 1.92 watts and fill factor of 70%.

  • Emcore

    Emcore is a manufacturer of terrestrial solar cells with n-on-p polarity are built on germanium substrates and incorporate a proprietary anti-reflective coating that provides low reflectance over a wavelength range of 0.3 to 1.8µm. These cells are characterized and optimized for terrestrial applications under concentrated incident illumination (Up To 1500 Suns) and high current densities.

  • Microsol

    Microsol is a manufacturer of solar cells with a plant capacity of 15 MW, expanded the plant capacity to 45 MW in 2006.

  • Solar Power Industries

    Solar Power Industries manufactures solar cells which are processed on multicrystalline silicone wafers.  Sizes include a 156 mm 2 bus and 156 mm 3 bus solar cell.

  • Sunways

    Sunways is a manufacturer of monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells which are used in various formats and efficiencies of up to 17.4%.

  • Blue Square Energy

    Blue Square Energy manufactures silicone solar cells in two sizes: 200mm and 300mm.  The 300mm solar cell is the largest and most powerful silicon cell available in the market today and is found in many household tools and appliances.

  • Solland

    Solland is a producer of standard and special 6” multi-crystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy.

  • Photovoltec

    Photovoltec is a manufacturer of multicrystalline silicone solar cells with up to 16% efficiency and isotropic texturing.

  • Moser Baer

    Moser Baer is a producer of mono and multi crystalline silicone solar cells in 156 mm x 156 mm and 125 mm x 125 mm.

  • Plastecs

    Plastecs is a producer of single and poly-crystalline solar cells with efficiencies of 12 to 14%.