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  • Thermo Technologies

    Thermo Technologies manufactures flat plate solar collectors among its product line. The SOL 25 Plus model has a net absorbing surface of almost 27 sq feet, is
    3 inches thick, and has a copper absorber with copper passages for heat transfer. Installation hardware custom designed is available for mounting purposes.

  • Apricus

    Apricus manufactures solar thermal systems. The Apricus solar collector is designed to be used with pressure up to 8 bar/116psi. Features of the solar collector, or solar water heater, are a corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header and all stainless steel frame (439 grade SS). It also comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

  • manufactures Skyline® solar water heaters. The Skyline® Solar Collector models are the 10-01 and the 20-01. The main difference between the models is length and weight. The 10-01 is 6' long by 20" wide and weighs 19 pounds. The 20-01 is 12' long by 20" wide and weighs 38 pounds.  Custom flow through and special application collectors are available but all are based on the 10-01 and 20-01 collectors. The efficient Skyline® collectors with commercial applications include self-bracing features, durability and have a 150 mph wind rating.

  • Heliodyne, Inc.

    Heliodyne develops and manufactures solar collectors. The GOBI line of collectors is available in 3 sizes (4’ X 6’, 4’ X 8’, 4’ X 10’) to accommodate various system loads, as well as mounting-space limitations. Two absorber surface types (blue sputtered and black paint) are available depending on the regional climate the system is to be installed in. The GOBI collectors are certified to withstand 50lbs per square foot, constructed with an anodized aluminum frame and are SRCC and IAPMO rated.

  • Sungo

    Sungo's flat plate solar collectors feature coatings of either blue sputtering coating or black chromed selective coating. Construction features include glass covers of single pane, tempered glass of either 3.2 mm or 3mm thickness, either Mistlite tempered or low iron temper; solar transmittance varies from 89% to 91%.

  • Sunbank Solar

    Sunbank Solar manufactures a solar collector that is 10 sqft and weighs 19 pounds.  Featuring an energy output of 8,00 Btu/avg day, it has all copper tubes and fins and an absorber coating of selective "black crystal" that has an absorber transfer efficiency of Low-E 96.2%. It also features a solderless design and a 20 year limited factory warranty. Maximum working pressure at 150 psi.

  • Sealed Air

    Sealed Air manufactures solar collectors, both framed and frameless solar collectors. Dimensions for either series range at 4'X8', 4'X10' and 4'X12'. Operating pressure is 25-30 psi for models in both series. The FS Series of collectors, are framed co-polymer collectors whose design makes it capable for tile roof and ground mount applications. The FP Series ranges in panel weight from 40 lbs to 54 lbs. making it lighter weight than the FS Series averaging 65lbs and above. They also offer the FW Series which features a windscreen, shielding for a reduction of heat loss due to the wind.

  • SunEarth

    SunEarth manufactures four medium temperature liquid flat plate collectors for use in "active" or pumped residential and commercial solar water heating systems. They also manufacture two "passive" systems primarily intended for residential use that doesn't require mechanical pumps or thermostats for their operation; this includes a system coupling thermosiphon storage tank with SunEarth flat plate solar collectors. Other models of SunEarth collectors feature casing construction from 304 alloy stainless steel sheetmetal (making an ideal collector for coastal locations with constant exposure to salt spray); and collectors with anodized and non-adonized frame walls.

  • SolarTron Energy Systems

    Solartron Energy Systems Inc. manufactures parabolic solar collectors for solar energy uses as solar hot water heating, photovoltaic solar power, solar pool heating, air conditioning for government, corporate, and residential applications. It has a 6 year payback or less and is 265% more efficient than conventional flat panels. The SolarBeam uses a patent-pending tracking device to follow the sun throughout the entire day so it can provide up to 4kW of electricity and 6kW of thermal heat. Currently we are looking for distributors in Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, UK and the Middle East.

  • AET Solar

    AET manufactures solar collectors including the AE-Series collectors, designed for 30 to 50,000 gallons of hot water, space heating, air conditioning and industrial process heat and are also wind load tested to 195 mph while their MSC-Series collectors are wind load tested to 175 mph.