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  • Powerenz

    Powerenz offers custom solar generators and solar backup generators.  The Powerenz product line includes emergency power generators, marine solar chargers, off-grid generators, portable solar power units, and solar battery chargers for cameras, communication radios, and CPAP machines.  The Metal Storm system delivers a maximum of 1000 continuous watts of AC power via a 12-volt DC-120-volt, 60Hz, AC power inverter that has two 3-prong AC receptacles.  The unit weights 225 pounds.  The Emergency Power Generator delivers a maximum of 180 watts of power to two fused DC ports, and 300 continuous watts of AV power via an inverter.  The carrying case measures 17 x 11 x 8.5 inches. 

  • Mobile Solar Power

    Mobile Solar Power offers transportable solar generators.  The generators are mobile so they don't require permits or inspections.  The MS-100 series is designed for small events.  It is light enough to be towed behind 4 or 6-cylinder vehicles and powerful enough to run 3,500 watt loads.  The MS-200 series are solar generators powered off larger solar arrays.  Some have the option of 120/240VAC output.  The MS-300 series has trailers up to 20 feet and tandem axles that can carry large battery banks and can produce up to 24 kWh/day. 

  • Solar Stix Inc

    Solar Stik Inc. offers the Solar Stik in four different versions.  The Solar Stik 100 Nano produces an average maximum daily power production of 80 Amp-hours, and can exceed 100 Amp-hours. It weighs less than 60 lbs and is made from T6061 aluminum (aircraft-grade) and stainless steel.  The Solar Stik 100 Terra Power generator and weighs about 80 lbs.  The Solar Stik Breeze combines solar and wind power generation produce power day and night.  It employs 100 Watts of solar power and 200 Watts of wind power.  The Solar Stik Marine used a multi-faceted mounting system designed for vessels from 25-60 feet. Maximum power production is about 80 amp-hours per days. 

  • Striling Energy Systems

    The SES SunCatcher is a 25 KW solar power system that automatically tracks the sun and focuses solar energy onto a power conversion unit (PCU).  The heat is converted to grid-quality electricity.  Each dish system on an annual basis is capable of producing 55,000-60,000 KWh of electricity.  The concentrator consists of a 38-foot diameter dish that has 82 curved glass mirror facets, each 3x4 feet.  Thousands of these dishes are being contracted by the state of California because of the state power crisis.

  • Reluminati

    Reluminati with Powercube manufactures Plug-and-Play Solar produces 600 Watts of solar generation, 3500 Watts of continuous inverter output, and 2400 amp hours of battery storage.  The photovoltaics generator is made of three 200 watt solar panels, an MPPT charge controller, 6 marine 200 amp hour batteries, and a AC voltage/frequency of 120 VAC 60 Hz.

  • Alternative Mobile Power Systems (AMP)

    AMP Systems uses electrical power stored in batteries using solar energy.  The AMP System can be recharged from any standard 120 or 240 volt A/C electrical outlet.  The unit can be used for disaster and emergency relief, weddings, events, and tailgate parties.  The typical AMP system is equipped with an inverter that can output 4,000 continuous watts and withstand surgest up to 8,000 watts.  That output can be compared to a 5kW generator.

  • SolarOne

    SolarOne offers the Harvester Micro-Utility System that is used for water purification, lighting, remote power, and wireless telecommunication.  The Harvester features expandable solar array 80 watts to 240 watts and a tilt & lock system for better versatility.  The Harvester comes with a 15 amp PWM charge controller with LCD display and deep cycle sealed 105 amp-hour rate battery.  

  • Sunwize

    SunWize manufactures industrial solar power supplies for remote sites.  The power stations are use for continuous loads of 75-2000 watts.  The solar power systems are designed for site loads requiring 12/24/48VDC or 110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz AC voltage. The solar array tilt is adjustable to maximize solar energy output.  The systems are mounted on galvanized steel structures or trailers, engineered to withstand harsh environments and high winds.  The galvanized units use DC primary power to charge a 12, 24 or 48 VDC sealed battery bank.