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  • Sunwize

    Sunwize solar lighting systems are used to provide lighting in areas where there is no utility power or where excavation for underground power lines make utility power too costly.  The lighting system uses a luminaire that incorporates a computer-designed, polished specular reflector to maximize the lighting intensity and coverage area. SunWize DLS systems are powder coated in architectural bronze, including the optional pole and arm. The luminaire is available in both low pressure sodium and fluorescent lamps.  The high density solar modules come with a 20 year warranty.  The entire pole-mounted system is designed to withstand 90 mph load winds.  The pole top mount adjusts 0-90 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees about pole.  The enclosure can be locked, comes with mounting brackets, and has wiring access.

  • Selco

    Selco systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) modules to provide electricity for lighting, water pumping, communications, computing, entertainment, and small business appliances.  Selco provides CFL and LED indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as solar headlamps.  

  • Silicon Solar Inc

    Silicon Solar offers solar lights including security lights, solar spot lights, garden lights, landscape lights, post lights, step lights, and deck and patio lights.  The solar services center provides custom and OEM product design for those customer applications where their standard products fail to meet specifications.

  • Pecan Engineering

    Pecan Engineering offers a grid tied solar street light that combines a low powered bulb with solar energy to emit enough lighting to meet federal standards for street lighting. The street light connects to the main power, does not require a battery, and uses mercury vapor lamps.  The advantages of being a grid connected solar light is that allow unlimited lamp wattage allowing any lighting standard to be met, it utilizes all available solar energy in any season, and has no ongoing battery replacements. 

  • Sunlight Solar

    Sunlight offers solar powered lights for commercial, park and security lights. The Aussie SunLight series is created for lighting needs in the garden, security lighting, and for secondary street lighting.  The Signet series is comprised of the traditional solar lighting systems.  The Aussie marine light is used for navigation lighting in extreme marine environments.  Sunlight also offers grid connected solar lighting called the GreenStreet series.  Other products include LED lighting systems, advertising lighting for billboards, and industrial solar energy power systems.

  • Togo Technology

    Togo Technology provides solar lights including lawn stake lights, outdoor table lights, rock lights, patio umbrella lights, garden lights, floating lights, solar camping lights, and solar street lights. Togo also provides decorative lighting for bars and stringed light sets.

  • Grenzone

    Grenzone offers the EcooLite long-life lamp in 10.5-14.5 voltage range and the EcooLED lamp in cool and warm white and voltage of 5V and 12V.  The EcooPower portable power series is for wireless applications including lighting, telecommunication, security, marine, transport, recreational and emergency relief.  The EsoLit Outdoor lighting series has an auto on/off, back up power of 3 days.  HMM power meter measures AC electrical parameters including power, energy voltage and current. MSC metered solar charger will charge any 12V/6V lead acid batteries, including new and old car batteries. The Nebulae garden light has a life of 50,000 hours, 2 year warranty and artistic body. The Kristal multi-functional PV system is used for roofs, facades or walls to generate electricity, provide skylighting, and many more functions. 

  • Sunseap

    Sunseap manufactures PV lighting systems for parks, roadways, playgrounds, resorts and gardens. The Sunseap Model 108 has a height of 4 meters, diameter of 77mm, a solar panel of angle of 20 degrees, extra bright with 1,400 lumens, and rainproof.  The Sunseap Model 109 is 4 meters high, made of hot-dipped galvanized and powder coated steel and 50% energy savings because of the PWM technology of powered LEDs. 

  • MG Solar

    MG solar manufactures solar lights for a variety of applications.  The solar street lights are designed as outdoor lights with white and super bright LEDs, 30WP solar module, SMF 12v 28AH battery, with 5 hours of charging time and 12 hours of backup time.  The solar garden lights consume low power, white/yellow/green and super bright LEDs, 10Wp solar module, SMF 12v 12AH, with 5 hours of charging time and 10 hours of backup time.  The solar lantern can be used as an emergency light, with white and super bright LEDs, 3Wp solar modules, SMF 6v 4AH battery, with 5 hours of charging time and 5 hours of backup time. 

  • Aolsun

    Aolsun manufactures solar garden lights.  The AOL22 model offers a 3W multi-crystalline silicon tempered glass encapsulation, 3Ah rechargeable battery, and stainless steel metal poles.  The AOL21 model offers a 5W multi-crystalline silicon tempered glass encapsulation, 5Ah rechargable battery, super bright 3W LED lamp (120 lumens) and a continuous working days during cloudy weather of 3-5 days.

  • Shantou Right Forth Trade Co

    Shantou Right Forth Trade Co. manufactures solar powered desk lamps, lawn lamps, emergency lamps, floating balls, garden and wall lamps, street lamps, staircase lamps, road lamps, and signal lamps. Most lamps are available in white and yellow.  Road studs are available in red, green, blue, white and yellow.  The solar hexagonal and cylinder assembly light ranges from 3W-10W with polycrystalline silicon solar panels and a 6V 4Ah battery.  The operating time is 8-12 hours.  

  • Sino-Transit

    The Sino-Transit Co specializes in the distribution of photovoltaic modules.  They offer solar lanterns, solar flashlights and solar street lights.  The solar lantern has up to 9 hours of working time, an integrated 2.2 watt solar panel and 6 Ni-MH batteries with an LED lifetime of 10 years.  The solar energy street lights are covered, with light sensors with built-in-timers, 3 days duration during cloudy weather and a lifetime of 25 years.

  • Savant Solar

    Savant Energy manufactures solar street lights.  They offer six different models with either single or double bulbs.  The pole heights range from 6-8 meters and 65Wp-150Wp.  All solar panels have a 25 year lifespan and 12V 120-200Ah batteries with 5-8 years of life.  The operation voltage of all 6 models have DC24V operation voltages and 50,000 hours of lamp life.  During rainy days, the lamp can stay lit from 3-5+ days.  The designed sun radiation ranges from 5KWH/M- 7KWH/M.

  • Autonic Energy Systems

    Autonic Energy Systems offers solar bank lights, solar home lighting systems, and solar street lighting systems.  The solar home lighting comes in 2-4 CFL light varieties.  The system is able to operate for 10-11 hours daily and an automatic ON/OFF time switch.   Batteries range from 12V 40Ah-130Ah.  The solar street light systems come in 40, 50, and 100 Watts solar PV modules, 12V 40, 60, and 100Ah tubular plate battery with battery box, 9 and 11 Watt CFL lamp with fixtures and a service life of 15-20 years. 

  • Kamal Solar

    Kamal Solar offers solar street lights, lanterns, and home lighting.  The Kamal 120 model has 120 Watt hrs, 12V, 40/50Wp, 12V 60Ah battery capacity, 9 watts, and 600 lumens.  The Kamal 150 model has 150 watt hrs, 12V, 50/60Wp, 12V 80Ah battery capacity, 11 watts, and 900 lumens.  The Kamal 225 has 225 watt hrs, 12V, 74/80Wp, 12V 100Ah, 11x1 or 18 watts and 900/1200 lumens. 

  • Glamor LED

    Glamor LED manufactures LED decorative lights, LED solar lights, and LED tubes.  The lights come in strands, ropes, and bulbs in a variety of colors.  

  • Sol

    Sol offers solar LED lighting solutions for most applications including: Roadway Lighting, Transit Shelter Lighting, Luminaires, Perimeter Security Lighting, Recreational Shelter Lighting, Sign Lighting, High Wind Event Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Pathway Lighting, and Trail Lighting.