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  • Solar Oven Society

    The Solar Oven Society manufactures the SOS Sport Solar Cooker that cooks food and also pasteurizes water.  It's made of post consumer soft drink bottles and insulated in closed cell foam insulation.  The Sport Solar Cooker comes with a double layer lid and hold two 10-inch pots.  The pots can reach temperatures of 300F.  Optional detachable reflectors are also available for northern regions to lengthen the cooking times.  A WAPI (water pasteurization indicator) is also included. 

  • Sun BD

    The Sun BD Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven operates on solar power and 250 watts/110v AC of electric power.  The oven is thermostatically controlled and reaches temperatures of up to 300 degree F.  The hybrid feature allows food to be kept safe, in case the solar energy for the day should be reduced.  The oven is made of UV resistant fiber reinforced plastic and weights 29 lbs. including cooking pots.  The cooking capacity per day ranges from 4-17 lbs.

  • Sun Ovens

    Sun Oven offers the Global Sun Oven which features one piece collapsible reflectors made of mirror-like anodized aluminum that won't oxidize or rust. There is also a spill-proof levelator, built-in thermometer and self-contained leveling leg that allows 9 different angled positions.  The oven is insulated and weighs 21 pounds.  It is shaped like a suitcase and has a handle for easy transport and has an estimated lifetime of about 20 years. The Global Sun Oven is 19" x 19" with a depth of 11". 

  • is a distributor of solar ovens.  Their product line includes the HotPot Solar Cooker, the Sun Oven, the Sportster Solar Oven with 2 Pots and Reflectors, the Solar Hybrid with 4 Pots, the Octagon Parabolic Solar Cooker, the Solar Cone Oven, the Solar Cooking Brief Case, the Simple Portable Lightweight Solar Cooker, and the Solar Oven Tracker.  They also carry the Villager Solar Oven that is large enough to feed a village in a developing country.

  • Eartheasy

    The Eartheasy Shop carries three of the most popular solar ovens on the market.  The Global Sun Oven, the Sport Solar Oven, and the Hybrid Solar Oven.  The Global Sun Oven weighs 21 lbs and reaches temperatures of 360-400 degrees.  It comes with a built in thermometer, spill proof levelator and self-contained leveling leg.  The back of the outer box is 14" high and the front is 9".  The Sport Solar Oven weighs 9.5 lbs, pasteurizes water and is made from recycled plastic.  Profit from the sale of the Sport Solar oven goes to support aid work overseas.  The Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven reaches over 400 degrees and has a built-in electronic heating unit during the night or in cloudy weather.  It includes 4 stainless steel cooking pots with lids and 6' power cord.