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  • Atersa

    Atersa's photovoltaic modules are made of high-efficiency square cells capable of producing power with only 4-5% solar radiation. All models from 38W have by-pass diodes in the junction box. A wide range of power available will meet the requirements of any photovoltaic system.

  • Canadian Solar

    Canadian Solar offers standard modules in power output range of 3 W to 240 W, and in either polysilicon or monosilicon. Also offers customized modules based on customer specifications. Provides OEM service to some top five leading solar companies in Europe.

  • Crown

    Crown Renewable Energy is a solar panel manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of solar energy systems. Modules feature a slim 35mm low profile frame good for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Energy Solutions

    Energy Solutions is a photovoltaic module manufacturer. Energy Solutions produces photovoltaic modules using mono- and poly-crystalline Si solar cells. Offers modules for any type of application (stand-alone or grid-connected) or complete systems for integration with other constructions.

  • ET Solar

    ET Solar manufactures solar modules designed to convert sunlight into electricity, with high efficiency and reliability. Provides modules that range from 5 to 280 W by unit power output. All modules are designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards and are all certified. Modules feature a heavy-duty anodized frame to provide strength and convenient mounting access as well as weather-resistant junction boxes for easy and safe field interconnection.

  • Gallivare PhotoVoltaic

    Gallivare PhotoVoltaic is a manufacturer of solar power modules. Depending on size, every module consists of 36 to 72 multicrystalline or monocrystalline cells. The cells are encased in high transmission low-iron tempered glass, multi-layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) as well as Tedlar film. GPV’s Solar Power Modules also have bypass diodes to minimise power loss in case of shading.

  • Innergy Power

    Innergy Power produces both lightweight fiberglass and tempered glass solar modules ranging from 5W to 50W capacities. Modules are targeted at 12VDC power sources and are used in applications such as logistics tracking, asset management systems, off-grid lighting, mobile communications, mobile computing, recreational vehicles, gate openers, water pumps, signaling devices and surveillance cameras.

  • Istar Solar

    Istar Solar manufactures a wide range of top quality traditional high efficiency Photovoltaic Modules (Solar Electric Modules) from 60Wp to 285Wp and BIPV for building integration. Products can be designed according to the customer’s needs.

  • Lucky Power Technology

    Distributor of solar panels, chargers, inverters, batteries and related products. Capable of producing and manufacturing various roof tile solar modules, glass-glass solar modules, and special shape solar modules for fulfilling the building requirements for customers.

  • Pacific SolarTech

    Pacific SolarTech manufactures concentrator photovoltaic (PV) modules, for applications from utility-scale solar power plants to remote-power and grid-connected power systems. PST offers a line of products with the MicroPVTM moniker. The concentrator PV module (MicroPVTM made by PST) is a milestone in the concentrator PV industry.

  • PST Perfect Source Tech

    PST Perfect Source Tech manufactures solar panel modules. PST products are produced to comply to the most stringent TUV Class A standard (+/- 3%). Module feature long term stability by use of highly transparent, specially doped solar glass with UV blocker.

  • Shenzhen Sunshine Electronics

    Shenzhen Sunshine Electronics manufactures various solar modules and solar products. Offers over 300 different products including solar large modules, solar small modules, home-use solar system, solar brick lights, solar ground lights, solar street lights,and many othe products. 

  • Shrine Solar

    Shrine Solar manufactures photovoltaic (PV) cells, solar modules, solar panels, polycrystalline solar modules, monocrystalline solar modules and solar power systems. Supplies solar power system from 200watts to 10,000watts.

  • Solartron

    Solartron makes solar modules of multicrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells with an efficiency of more than 12% with nominal power of 80W to 205W as well as an IP65 junction box and anodized AI frame.  These solar modules also use an MC3 connector and come with two or three bypass diodes.

  • Solarwatt

    Solarwatt makes several types of solar modules including standard modules, BIPV/building integration modules, and off-grid system modules. Their BIPV modules are made as glass-glass modules or glass-foil modules with maximum system voltage of 750/870V and nominal power of 135 to 250Wp.

  • Solon

    Solon makes polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules which feature efficiency up to 14.6%, power tolerance of +/-3%, and power ranging from 130 to 240Wp. They also have great stability and durability from their twin wall aluminum frame and 4mm safety glass which provides protection in adverse weather conditions.

  • Suntech

    Suntech makes monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic solar modules with maximum power ranging from 5 to 260 Watts and maximum voltage of 600, 715, or 1000 volts. Their certifications include UL, CE, TUV, IEC, and VDE.

  • Trina Solar

    TrinaSolar makes photovoltaic solar modules from solar cells that they make themselves, with power ranges from 165 to 230W. Their multicrystalline models range from 200W to 220W and feature integrated bypass diodes as well as an anodized aluminum frame and low power tolerance of +/-3%.

  • GE Energy

    GE makes solar modules in 200W, 205W, and 66W models at 600V or 1000V, all with anodized frames. Their residential roof module has 18 polycrystalline cells and a peak power of 66W at 9Volts/7.4Amps.

  • Atas International, Inc.

    Atas makes the ATA-Solar building integrated photovoltaic system, a thin film solution for solar power applied to current seam roofing and can provide 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120kW.