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  • Solar Electric Light Fund

    The Solar Electric Light Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to designing and implementing renewable energy for those in the devleoping world, delivering solar power to those in need. They have projects around the world including in Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, and more.

  • Solarbuzz

    Solarbuzz has a wealth of solar power information including news headlines, industry reports, price surveys, and a buyers guide to assist your solar purchasing decisions. They also have a directory of solar power manufacturers and their products.

  • Solar Energy International

    Solar Energy International is a nonprofit dedicated to educating people about solar energy, through workshops on solar electricity and photovoltaics, wind power, solar thermal energy, renewable fuels, and other renewable energies as well as programs for schools and more. They also provide solar energy resources including articles, basic facts, a newsletter, and news.

  • Solar Industry

    Solar Industry is a monthly trade magazine for solar energy with topics including solar thermal technology and photovoltaics as well as their application from utilities using solar plants down to the smallest solar powered item.

  • Solar Power International 2009

    Solar Power International 2009 is an event presented by SEPA and SEIA on solar energy, technology, policy, markets, finance, and jobs available. Over 650 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees are expected at the Anaheim, California event. Topics and schedules will be posted in the coming months.

  • Solar Energy Advice

    Your #1 resource for all your Solar Energy questions.

  • ECS Solar

    The Solar Industry's Water Heater Bible : "Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today" Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating Design / High Performance Low Maintenance Systems / Reality Checks Using Current Technology...a definitive how-to book for installing and maintaining high-performance and low-maintenance solar hot water systems -- written by one of the leaders in solar contracting today.

  • El Paso Solar Energy Association

    The El Paso Solar Energy Association is dedicated to improving the development and application of solar energy and technologies to better the communities in the Southwest US region and Northern Mexico.

  • The Solar Guide

    A consumer's guide to solar electricity for homes.

  • Solar Power Notes

    Detail knowledge and research work about solar power, renewable and non renewable energies.

  • American Solar Energy Society

    The American Solar Energy Society is a nonprofit organization promoting the increased usage of solar energy and energy efficiencies in the US. Through education they hope to create a sustainable energy economy and they also have a green jobs board on their website.

  • Build It Solar

    Build It Solar is a site for DIY solar projects, with resources and examples. Some of their projects include solar homes, space heating, passive cooling, pool heating, and photovoltaics as well as solar cooking and drying, biofuels, lighting, water pumping, and solar vehicles.

  • International Solar Energy Society

    The International Solar Energy Society is an organization dedicated to the adoption and advancement of renewable energy technology through information and communication. They offer conferences at all levels, international, national, and regional as well as academies offering training services. They also have publications and more.

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory conducts research on solar power including photovoltaics, solar thermal, and solar radiation. They have an extensive section on concentrating solar power as well as general solar power information.

  • The Solar Alliance

    The Solar Alliance is a state-based advocacy group for the financing of photovoltaics systems with active campaigns in California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and more. Their website offers resources including state policies, regulations, and programs relating to solar power.

  • Solar Daily

    Solar Daily is a news site that reports and editorializes on solar power topics.

  • Solar Electric Power Association

    The Solar Electric Power Association is an organization dedicated to providing products, strategies, and services to integrate and use solar electric power by electric service providers, utilities, and customers. Their website includes a resource library and events calendar.

  • Solar Energy Technologies Program

    The U.S. DoE's Solar Energy Technologies Program is dedicated to developing solar energy technologies that are cost-effective, allowing for better adoption. They have done extensive research into photovoltaics and concentrating solar power. They also run the Solar America Initiative, which also accelerates photovoltaic technologies as well.

  • Solar Energy Industries Association

    The Solar Energy Industries Association is a trade group focusing on federal and state issues, governmental affairs and advocacy, and solar technology and products such as photovoltaic cells, solar thermal heating and cooling, passive solar, solar ovens, and CSP.

  • Ontario Solar Academy

    Ontario Solar Academy is an ISPQ-accredited solar training school that offers NABCEP learning objectives to advance students' expertise in solar PV design and installation. Ontario Solar Academy offers a 5-Day Solar PV Design & Installation class open to all members of the public.