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Environmentally friendly rain collection systems, septic and wastewater treatment equipment, irrigation systems and drainage products.

Environmentally friendly rain collection systems, septic and wastewater treatment equipment, irrigation systems and drainage products.

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  • SDS Limited

    Sustainable Drainage Systems Limited manufactures innovative storm water management solutions including sustainable drainage systems for a broad range of applications.

  • Green Septic Solutions

    Green Septic Solutions manufactures and installs environmentally-friendly septic systems that use Puraflo wastewater treatment systems designed to work with difficult soils.

  • LTS Design

    LTS Design Group offers irrigation systems for business parks, schools college and university campuses, apartments, and government building projects. These systems can help with LEED certifications and reduce water consumption.

  • Sustainable Water Solutions

    Sustainable Water Solutions by Aliaxis designs and builds a variety of storm water treatment products that can treat and reuse wastewater and storm water on a large scale for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Earthbound Services

    Earthbound Services LLC provides a variety of septic and wastewater services including green wastewater technology consulting and permitting, design and installation of micro-hydroelectric systems and energy audits, inspections and testing of homes and small businesses for potential energy savings.

  • Adenus

    Adenus designs and installs wastewater solutions that are both environmentally and functionally sound. These systems feature a three phase design that collects wastewater, treats it and reuses it for a variety of applications.

  • Clean Air Gardening

    Clean Air Gardening offers rain barrels made from materials like recycled plastic. They stock rain barrels with capacities varying between 50, 55, up to 108 gallons. They also carry rain barrel accessories including dollies, spout attachments; while certain rain barrels feature planters on top.

  • McCloy Consulting

    McCloy Consulting provides services including design and installation of sustainable drainage systems that utilize a variety of techniques to collect, clean and store runoff before slowly releasing it into the environment.

  • Living Technologies

    Living Technologies is a manufacturer of ecological wastewater treatment systems for lake restoration, suspended growth treatment and other various remediation applications for fresh water systems.

  • Arizona Drip Systems

    Arizona Drip Systems designs and builds a variety of drip irrigation systems including surface drip irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation, permanent and disposable irrigation systems for orchards, vineyards and other agricultural applications.

  • American Wick Drain

    American Wick Design provides sustainable drainage solutions for commercial, residential and goverment applications for pond projects, lawns, basements and various other uses.

  • Equaris

    Equaris manufactures wastewater treatment systems that reduce water consumption by 40% or more and reducing hot water and radiant heating costs by more than 50%. Systems include water separators, water recycling systems and monitoring systems.

  • The Great American Rain Barrel Co

    The Great American Rain Barrel Co offers The Great American Rain Barrel, a 60 gallon capacity barrel with 3/16" wall thickness.
    The UV protected polyethylene rain barrel is made from recycled shipping barrels and comes complete with fittings and necessary accessories for water storage and spigot for distributing water.

  • Oasis Rainwater Harvesters

    Oasis Rain Harvesters provide sustainable drainage systems for permeable and porous surfaces, ponds and soakways serving urban, government and institutional applications.

  • Bord Na Mona Environmental Products Us Inc.

    Bord na Mona provides odor biofiltration, wastewater and water reuse solutions for municipal & residential applications including membranes, MBBR, SAF, peat biofilters and rainwater harvesting.

  • Rain Barrels and More

    Rain Barrels and More manufactures and sells plastic rain barrels, white oak rain barrels, rain chains, composters, rain barrel water collection systems, water barrels and downspout diverter systems.

  • Baker Creative

    Baker Sustainable Drainage products from Baker Creative can help manage flow of water in landscaping applications as well as tap into the the natural water flow of the property, employ environmentally sustainable methods and support and enhance the aesthetic design of the landscape.

  • Bioworld Products LLC

    Our revolutionary treatment products offer an effective solution to long term septic pumping problems. BioWorld never stops working - simply add BioWorld to your system using our monthly maintenance program. BioWorld is formulated to break down today's complex wastewater including solids, grease, fats, oils, foods, anti-bacterial soaps, detergents, bleaches, fluoride toothpaste, toilet bowl and other cleaning products.

  • Floline

    Floline sustainable drainage systems feature a polybed design that offers a more cost-effective and sustainable solution as opposed to traditional drainage by using recycled polystyrene geosynthetic aggregate in place of natural quarried aggregates. This results in benefits such as a much more lightweight system that is rapidly installed without the need for specialist skills.

  • Aaron's Rain Barrels & More

    Aaron's Rain Barrels & More make and sell plastic rain barrels, irrigation barrels (two spigots), and traditional oak wood rain barrels.
    Their rain barrels are made from 100% recycled food grade plastic. Aaron's also customizes to customer needs.