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  • Green Septic Solutions

    Green Septic Solutions manufactures and installs environmentally-friendly septic systems that use Puraflo wastewater treatment systems designed to work with difficult soils.

  • Earthbound Services

    Earthbound Services LLC provides a variety of septic and wastewater services including green wastewater technology consulting and permitting, design and installation of micro-hydroelectric systems and energy audits, inspections and testing of homes and small businesses for potential energy savings.

  • Adenus

    Adenus designs and installs wastewater solutions that are both environmentally and functionally sound. These systems feature a three phase design that collects wastewater, treats it and reuses it for a variety of applications.

  • Living Technologies

    Living Technologies is a manufacturer of ecological wastewater treatment systems for lake restoration, suspended growth treatment and other various remediation applications for fresh water systems.

  • Equaris

    Equaris manufactures wastewater treatment systems that reduce water consumption by 40% or more and reducing hot water and radiant heating costs by more than 50%. Systems include water separators, water recycling systems and monitoring systems.

  • Bord Na Mona Environmental Products Us Inc.

    Bord na Mona provides odor biofiltration, wastewater and water reuse solutions for municipal & residential applications including membranes, MBBR, SAF, peat biofilters and rainwater harvesting.

  • Bioworld Products LLC

    Our revolutionary treatment products offer an effective solution to long term septic pumping problems. BioWorld never stops working - simply add BioWorld to your system using our monthly maintenance program. BioWorld is formulated to break down today's complex wastewater including solids, grease, fats, oils, foods, anti-bacterial soaps, detergents, bleaches, fluoride toothpaste, toilet bowl and other cleaning products.