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  • American Wind Energy Association (Awea)

    The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is a trade association that represents project developers, equipment suppliers, service providers, part manufacturers, utilities, researchers and others active in the wind power industry, as well as wind energy advocates from around the world.

  • Windpower Monthy News

    Windpower Monthly is a magazine covering the international wind energy business since 1985, focusing on business, policy and economics concering renewable energy wind power.

  • Windpower 2009 Conference & Exhibition

    The Windpwer Conference and Exhibition is an AWEA event that has taken place annually since 2001. It is the largest annual wind conference and exhibition worldwide having grown from 25 exhibitors and a thousand attendees to 13,000 attendees in 2008 and 776 exhibiting companies.

  • AE Wind Power News

    The AENews Network is an online resource encouraging public awareness and discussion about renewable energy technology. They maintain a syndicated news site providing wind energy and industry news.

  • Wind Power Works

    Wind Power Works is a campaign headed by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) uniting the wind power industry in its broad range of competences, promoting greater awareness of wind generated energy as clean, reliable, fast to deploy and economic. Wind Power Works focuses to increase production of emissions-free electricity in the bid to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide.

  • Wind & Hydropower Technologies Program

    Wind Powering America is an initiative committed to establishing new sources of income for American farmers, Native Americans, and other rural landowners, and meet the growing demand for clean sources of electricity. Through Wind Powering America, the United States will achieve targeted regional economic development, enhance our power generation options, protect the local environment, and increase our energy and national security.

  • North American Windpower

    The Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program is aimed to lead national efforts at improving wind energy technology and increasing distribution of power generated by wind. It is a project of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

  • American Wind Power Center and Museum

    The American Wind Power Center and Museum, located in Lubbock, TX is dedicated to the American Style Water Pumping Windmill and exhibits on wind generated electricity. This non-profit organization makes use of the museum as a means of exploring the relational impact of wind power in history and the largest collection of early American windmills in the world.

  • Instructables: Wind Power

    Instructables is a forum-style documentation platform allowing people to share their innovations and collaborate with others. As a resource for wind power generators Web site members provide specs, tips and instructions on their working models and designs of wind power generators and turbines.

  • Airstreams

    Airstreams provides staff training specialized to the wind industry. Their services fall under the headings of Safety Training and Technical Training, with objectives that are either skills-based or knowledge based and contemporary to the wind industry as it progresses.

  • Build It Solar: Windmills

    Build it Solar is a resource Web site for the do-it-yourselfer in renewable energy projects. The site includes links to resources on building wind power systems.

  • Renewable Energy at Home: DIY Wind Power

    Renewable Energy at Home provides instructions and tips on building wind power generators for the home. They also provide articles on renewable energy and video demonstrating wind generators people have built.

  • is an informational resource providing on alternative means of powering the home. Information includes suggested specifications on wind power generators like having a 9 MPH average wind speed at your location.

  • Residential Wind Power

    Residential Wind Power provides news, reviews and information about all things to do with residential wind power. Information categories include horizontal-axis, and vertical-axis wind turbine, Do-it-Yourself and a general introduction to wind turbines.

  • DIY Renewable Energy

    DIY Renewable Energy independently reviews products and guides for do-it-yourself renewable energy systems. As a consumer resource for solar power and wind turbine they also include general information and tips to energy efficient, economical living.

  • National Wind Blog

    The Wind Power Blog is an archive of wind power industry related news and product feature articles.
    THe National Wind Blog provides news on developments, companies and government policy impacting the wind industry.

  • Wind Stuff Now

    Wind Stuff Now offers DIY tips and products for wind energy systems, including blade design, motors, past and present projects, and more.

  • Wind Power Generators

    An online reference info for consumers including information on wind energy, turbines, home wind generators, electric generators, and power calculation.

  • The Wind Turbine Community

    The Wind Turbine Community is a social network for people with a similar interest in the wind turbine technology. It is community that offers a sharing of information and directory resources for all those that want to connect and discuss ideas, news and opinions surrounding wind turbines.