HVAC • Air Handlers, Exchangers

Air handling units condition and circulate air and are comprised of a metal box, a blower, a cooling or heating element, filter chambers and dampers.

 An air handler is a device used to condition and circulate air within a heating, ventilating, and air-condition (HVAC) unit. Air handlers are usually housed in large metal boxes that each contain a blower, heating and/or cooling elements, filter racks, sound attenuators, and dampers.Air handlers are referred to by many names. Terminal units represent small air handlers, which are comprised of only an air filter, coil, and blower. A makeup air unit (MAU) contains only outside air, rather than recirculated air; and a packaged unit (PU) or rooftop unit (RTU) is designed for outdoor use, typically on roofs.Leading manufacturers: Trane, Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, American Standard, Hydronic and York. 

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  • American Standard

    American Standard offers a line of air handler systems that feature variable-speed technology that provides quiet startups and shutdowns, enhanced humidity control and energy savings. Provides air handlers designed specifically for tight spaces. Also offers air exchangers that save energy during hot, humid weather, by pre-cooling and dehumidifying incoming air. Easy to install in the attic, garage or basement in virtually any position.

  • Frigidaire

    Frigidaire manufactures a variety of air handler and coil products. Air handler products include multi-poise air handlers for 13-14 SEER system performance, multi-poise variable speed air handlers for 14-15 SEER system performance, multi-poise variable speed air handlers for 2-Stage cooling 15-16 SEER system performance, and indoor cased and uncased coils for all SEER products.

  • Trane

    Trane air handlers effectively circulate conditioned air throughout a home. Air handler products are available in variable-speed, 6-way convertible, 2-way convertible and compact models. Features Smart technology for better humidity control, Air-Tite™ construction, Trane CleanEffects™, and compact sizes. 

  • XpediAir

    XpediAir offers a line of air handler products in various models, including Horizontal Series from 300-1200 CFM, Vertical Series from 200-1200 CFM, Hi-Performance Series from 600-2000 CFM and Belt Drive Series from 600-4000 CFM.

  • Reznor

    Reznor air handler Model AEB indirect fired units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation in industrial and commercial buildings where air turnover (destratification) is desired. These air handlers are suitable for a wide variety of heating, cooling, and makeup air applications. Air turnover units are ideal for large open space heating, cooling, ventilation and filtration requirements. Model AEB units offer a complete range of sizes for air handling capacities from 3,250 to 150,000 CFM and heating outputs from 200,000 to 6,000,000 BTUH.

  • Westinghouse

    Westinghouse air handlers are built with proven components that provide safe, clean and reliable comfort year-round. Models include the 13 SEER Fixed-Speed Air Handler, 14 SEER Variable-Speed Air Handler, and 15 & 16 SEER R-410A Variable-Speed Air Handler.

  • York

    York is an air handler manufacturer that supplies conditioned air evenly throughout your home when used in place of a furnace, or with either an air conditioning or heat pump system. York also offers evaporator coils for cooling and heat pump applications engineered to be installed with York furnaces and to be matched with York cooling and heat pump outdoor units.

  • Lennox International Inc

    Lennox is an air handler manufacturer whose products are ideally suited to most residential applications, with flexible configurations to match almost any outdoor air conditioner or heat pump. Airtight cabinets and advanced technologies maximize efficiency, keeping your energy costs under control.

  • Maytag

    Maytag is an air handler manufacturer that offers the Maytag M1200 Series, featuring variable speed technology, and the Maytag M120 Series air handler available in variable speed, as well as mutli-poise configurations.

  • Goodman

    Goodman's air handler line features variable and multi speeds, low CFM for efficient fan-only operation, improved humidity control and comfort, and performance certified in accordance with the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI).

  • Lifebreath

    Lifebreath's Hydronic Air Handler provides heated air that is uniform and temperate, eliminating short blasts of hot air, along with hot and cold temperature spikes. Provides high efficiency with natural gas, propane or oil hot water heater/boiler.

  • Coleman

    A Coleman air handler offers single and variable speed to improve comfort by evenly circulating air, improving energy efficiency, and giving you more options for humidification/dehumidification.

  • Cambridgeport Air Systems

    Cambridgeport Air Systems designs custom indoor and outdoors air handling units for industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, hospital, aerospace and military applications.

  • Pure Air Products offers a line of air exchange systems from Broan and Fan Tech. These Air-to-air fans expel stale, indoor air while bringing in fresh air from outside, reducing build-up of carbon dioxide inside the house.

  • Airedale

    Airedale designs and manufactures a wide range of air conditioning products schools and commercial applications. Airedale offers The Sentinel unit ventilator to improve indoor air quality. It operates in conjunction with a school's central chiller/boiler plant and is available in five models.

  • Aprilaire

    Aprilaire offers air ventilation systems that feature automated controls to manage the air circulation in a home year-round and eliminates the problem of introducing “extreme” outdoor air into a home such as air that is too humid, too hot or too cold.