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  • Advanced Valve Design, Inc. (AVD)

    Advanced Valve Design Inc. manufactures fabricated dampers, light-duty dampers, FRP dampers, and special dampers. The FRP dampers are available in butterfly, louver, and guillotine types; while the special dampers are designed for temperatures up to 2800F - with tadpole, clearance, scissors, and step seat styles. The light-duty dampers are intended for use in HVAC systems and low pressure industrial applications, with frames and blades that are comprised of 12 to 16 gauge construction. The fabricated dampers are designed for higher temperature applications up to 2200F, and feature a number of seating configurations: scissor, metal-to-metal, step, resilient, tadpole, and teflon o-ring.

  • Effox-Flextor

    Effox-Flextor designs and manufactures guillotine/slide gate, louver, diverter, stack isolation, butterfly/wafer, poppet, and radial vane-type dampers. Depending on type the dampers are used for precise flow control, cement plant, power plant, power boiler isolation, turbine, reverse gas flow, outlet flow, bypass flow, and fan inlet control applications.

  • Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Continental Fan Manufacturing produces IRIS dampers, IRIS-S stainless steel dampers, motorized dampers, positive seal dampers, and backdraft dampers for office building, pharmaceutical, clean room environment, laboratory, and corrosive environment applications. All the dampers feature accurate air balancing to +/-5 percent, capacities of 15 cfm to 4,000 cfm, and 2" to 12" diameters.

  • Flextech Industries Ltd

    Flextech Industries Ltd. manufactures butterfly dampers, guillotine dampers, radial vane dampers, louver-bladed dampers, and diverter dampers. The butterfly dampers are for applications that feature up to 2,000F of gas temperature including clean, corrosive, dirty and dry environments. These dampers are available with various seal designs including swing through, step, tadpole, and step with perimeter seal.

  • Fox Equipment

    Fox Equipment engineers louver dampers, slide gate dampers, wafer/butterfly dampers, diverter/flap dampers, radial vane/VIV/IVC dampers, stack isolation dampers, and poppet dampers. The louver damper are available as parallel, opposed, and double types. The slide dampers are available as low leak and zero leak models; with the wafer/butterfly dampers used in round duct applications. The diverters/flap dampers are used in gas turbine applications, and the radial dampers provide flow control for fan inlets.

  • Greenheck

    Greenheck manufactures damper products for fire and smoke control in life safety systems, and for airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial systems. Damper types include: fire, ceiling radiation, combination fire-smoke, smoke, commercial control, balancing, relief, backdraft, heavy-duty/industrial, tunnel transit, bubble tight, and marine.

  • Industrial Environmental Systems Inc

    Industrial Environmental Systems Inc. designs and manufactures tuned mass dampers that are attached to a chimney to increase its structural damping - thus reducing the cross wind and along-wind vibrations. The dampers are typically attached to industrial steel stacks.

  • KB Duct

    KB Duct produces backdraft dampers that are constructed of a fully-welded 1/4" plate box and a heavy internal flap door that closes against the incoming duct. The dampers keep dirty air and material from returning to a facility.

  • Kelair Products Inc

    Kelair Products Inc. designs and fabricates butterfly dampers, guillotine dampers, louver dampers, diverters and tee dampers. The butterfly dampers are available for temperatures up to 1600F and differential pressures up to 6 psi. The guillotine dampers are available in 10" to 84" sizes, and are round or square shaped; while the louver dampers are for operating temperatures up to 1600F. The diverters/tee dampers are for process air or gas diversion applications.

  • Lloyd Industries

    Lloyd Industries manufactures air control dampers, backdraft dampers, ceiling radiation dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers, and fire dampers for the HVAC industry.

  • Nuaire Laboratory Equipment Supply

    Nuaire Laboratory Equipment Supply manufactures 14 gauge stainless steel butterfly dampers that feature manual or electric design for various exhaust applications.

  • Orbinox

    Orbinox designs and manufactures butterfly dampers, multiple diverter dampers, louver dampers, diverter dampers, stack dampers, three level valve dampers, and goggle dampers.

  • ProcessBaron

    ProcessBaron designs and manufactures louver dampers, butterfly dampers, vortex vane dampers, diverter dampers, slide gate dampers, and stack dampers. The diverter dampers are for process and heat applications, while the slide gate and stack dampers feature low to zero leakage. The vortex vane dampers feature a counter levered blade, with the butterfly dampers available with round, square or rectangular blades.

  • Ruskin

    Ruskin manufactures a line of dampers including: backdraft and pressure relief dampers, commercial control dampers, insulating control dampers,  industrial backdraft and pressure relief dampers, industrial round dampers, rectangular dampers, bubbletight dampers, heavy-duty dampers, pressure seal dampers, ceiling dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers, corridor dampers, fire dampers, marine fire dampers, and smoke dampers.

  • Vent Products Co Inc

    Vent Products Co. Inc. distributes custom dampers and louvers including: combination louvers/dampers, fire dampers, backdraft dampers and shutters, and air control dampers. The 2" to 4-1/4" wide fire dampers are available in vertical or horizontal mounting, and designed for medium and high pressure duct systems. The air control dampers are designed for precise air flow control to suit all supply, return, outside, and exhaust air applications.

  • Belco Manufacturing Co.

    Belco Manufacturing Co. builds fiberglass round dampers and backdraft dampers available in sizes from 6" to 72", and with a maximum operating temperature of 200F. Depending on type, the dampers are used to control airflow for a balancing system, isolating a system with low leakage, or preventing air from flowing back into a system when a fan is turned off. One of the damper models features a PTFE encapsulated O-ring that provides a watertight seal.

  • Control Equipment Co Inc

    Control Equipment Co. Inc. designs and manufactures dampers for industrial service including butterfly, louver, gate, and diverter types. The company also produces specialty dampers types including: goggle-type slide gate, radial vane inlet, stack cap, and refractory lined.

  • Joiner Systems Inc

    Joiner Systems Inc.engineers damper types including: louver, butterfly, guillotine, slide gate, diverting, stack cap and flap isolator, and poppet. All the dampers are designed to withstand high pressures, temperatures, and corrosive gases found in processing systems.

  • Mader Dampers

    Mader Dampers - a division of Mader Machine Inc. - specializes in manufacturing butterfly dampers, louver dampers, inlet vane dampers, tee dampers, poppet dampers, guillotine dampers, slide gate dampers, and specialty dampers.

  • Metal-Fab Inc

    Metal-Fab Inc. manufactures fire dampers and ceiling radiation dampers. The company's two types of fire dampers - static fire dampers and dynamic fire dampers - close wither when a HVAC system's blower is running or not running. The two fire dampers are classified to UL standard 55 and feature a one hour or three hour fire ratin. The ceiling radiation dampers carrying a 3-4 hour rating, and are installed in the throat of a ceiling diffuser or return grille.