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Fans are simple machines that create air flow when the fan blades rotate. Fan types include axial fans, centrifugal fans and crossflow fans.

  A fan is a device that consists of a rotating set of vanes or blades placed inside of a housing to create air flow. Most fans are powered by electric motors, but some have hydraulic motors and internal combustion engines. The result is high volume, low pressure air flow for climate control, ventilation, fume extraction, dust removal, drying, or personal comfort. Fans come in three main types. Axial-flow units force air to move parallel to the shaft on which the blades rotate; this includes table fans, ceiling fans, and computer cooling fans. Centrifugal fans blow air at right angles relative to the intake of the fan, and spin air outwards for applications such as leaf blowers, blow dryers, and air mattress inflators. Lastly, crossflow fans cause air to move transversely across the impeller; they are typically found in HVAC units. Leading manufacturers: Dyson, Hunter Fan, Greenheck, Continental Fan, Panasonic and NuTone.  

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  • Soler & Palau

    Soler & Palau manufactures a variety of residential and commercial fans as well as air circulators. Models include residential mixed flow, inline centrifugal and axial fans as well as bathroom exhaust kits. Commercial models include centrifugal roof and sidewall ventilators, sidewall and utility fans and gravity roof ventilators.

  • Cook

    Cook Manufactures a variety of fans and ventilation equipment including centrifugal roof and wall exhausters, low profile roof exhausters, ceiling wall and cabinet fans, propeller wall fans, economizer fans, gravity ventilators, hooded propeller fans, industrial material handling fans and air circulators.

  • Canarm

    Canarm manufactures a wide range of fans including commercial belt and direct drive wall fans, shutter and panel mounted fans, standard fans, utility exhaust fans, tube axial duct fans, in-line duct fans, commercial and industrial ceiling fans, circulating fans, high velocity fans and oscillating fans.

  • Fantech, Inc.

    Fantech manufactures a full line of fans including inline duct fans, dryer booster fans, exterior fans, exhaust fans for kitchens and bathrooms, axial fans and radon fans as well as a variety of fan accessories such as grilles and dampers.

  • Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Continental Fan manufactures a variety of industrial and residential fans including industrial belt drive fans, tube axial fan direct drives, flange fans, inline fans and hooded roof ventilators. Residential models include in-ceiling fans for bathrooms, centrifugal inline fans, dryer boosting fans, rangehood exhaust fans and external mount fans as well as a variety of fan accessories.

  • American Aldes

    American Aldes manufactures a variety of fans and kitchen ventilation equipment including multi port ventilators, in-line fans, dryer booster fans, exterior mount fans, range exhaust systems and hood liners.

  • Delhi Industries Inc.

    Dehli manufactures a variety of direct drive and belt drive axial fans including inline duct fans, roof exhausters, roof mounted exhaust fans, high stang mancoolers, lowstand mancoolers and yoke mount mancoolers featuring heavy duty construction for industrial and commercial applications.

  • MacroAir Technologies

    MacroAir Technologies manufactures several industrial fan products including the Airvolution 20' diameter overhead fan and the MaxAir reversible overhead fan available in sizes from 14' to 24' in diameter. Both models feature extruded anodized aluminum blades and an aluminum alloy hub.

  • Broan

    Broan manufactures a variety of range hood exhausts including brushed stainless steel models, bright halogen lighting models and variable speed control fan models. Broan also offers residential ceiling fans.

  • TPI

    TPI Corp manufactures a variety of industrial circulatory fans including large industrial fan heads and oscillating fans.

  • Stego

    Stego manufactures a variety of fans and ventilating systems including wall and ceiling mount exhaust fans and DIN rail mountable compact fan heaters.

  • Berko

    Berko manufactures a variety of fans including oscillating air circulators, industrial ceiling fans, exhaust fans, commercial bath fans, residential ceiling fans and portable fans and blowers.

  • Lifebreath

    Lifebreath's line of Quantum series inline fans includes ventilation systems, metal fans, bathroom exhaust kits and dryer booster kits for residential HVAC applications.

  • Cardinal Carryor

    Cardinal Carryor manufactures industrial overhead ceiling fans as an alternative to air conditioning systems with variable speeds including a 56" model. Custom designs are also available.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic's line of ventilation systems including in-line ceiling fans and exhaust fans for a variety of residential ventilation applications.

  • Schaefer

    Schaefer manufactures three inline duct fan models; a 6" model, 8" model and a 10" model ranging in output from 270 cubic feet per minute up to 763 cubic feet per minute.

  • CS Unitec Inc

    CS Unitec Inc. manufactures explosion-proof axial fans including pneumatic air movers, pneumatic axial fans, electric axial fans. The electric fans are single or three-phased, with motor power of 230/400 V, 110 V, or 320 V. The pneumatic fans feature operating pressure of 5 bar or 6 bar. The company also produces various accessories for axial fans.

  • American Fan Co.

    American Fan Co. engineers and develops axial fans and centrifugal fans. Axial fan types include: trubeaxial, vaneaxial, controllable pitch, mixed flow, naval/marine, and commercial/residential. The fans feature a maximum CFM ranging from 60,000 to 425,000. Centrifugal fan types include: cast aluminum blowers, turbo pressure blowers, backward inclined fans, industrial exhausters, general blowers, plug fans, and plenum fans. The various centrifugal fans feature maximum CFM ranging from 43,000 to 190,000.

  • Chicago Blower Sales - Process & Utility Corporation

    Chicago Blower Corporation manufactures a number of fan types including: airfoil-bladed centrifugal fans; backward inclined, radial tip, and radial bladed fans; fiberglass reinforced plastic fans; process fans; high pressure fans; and vaneaxial and tubeaxial fans. The company also produces various fan components including inclined wheels, inlet cones, inlet vane control, housing, and axial airfoil wheels.

  • Hartzell Air Movement

    Hartzell Air Movement produces and distributes a number of fans including: propeller fans, cool blast fans, utility fans, Hartkool fans, duct fans, duct axial fans, vaneaxial fans, BC centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, marine duty fans, and adjustable pitch fans.