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  • Airmaster Fan Company

    Airmaster Fan Company manufactures 115V commercial air circulators available in 18", 20", 24", and 30" propeller sizes. The commercial fans feature a 5' to 8' adjustable pedestal, 1/4 HP or 1/3 HP, and three speeds.

  • American Fan Co.

    American Fan Co. designs and builds commercial centrifugal fans and axial fans. The centrifugal fans feature maximum temperature ranging from 120 F to 1000 F, with maximum CFM from 1,400 to 190,000. The axial fans feature maximum temperature ranging from 104 to 122F, with maximum CFM of 60,000, 100,000, 150,000, 400,000, or 425,000.

  • Barn Light Electric Company

    Barn Light Electric Company manufactures commercial fans including panel, shutter and exhaust types. The panel fans are available in 8" to 20" blade options, while the shutter fans are available in one through speeds with 8" to 36" blade options.

  • Canarm

    Canam distributes LFI-brand commercial axial fans including: belt and direct drive wall fans, standard exhaust fans, utility exhaust fans, tube axial duct fans, shutter and panel mounted fans, in-line duct fans, air make-up jet fans, circulating fans, high velocity fans, oscillating fans, and drum fans.

  • Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc. designs and produces commercial fans and dampers including wall exhaust fans, cabinet and panel fans, power roof ventilators, utility fans, radial blade blowers, in-line fans, dampers and hydroponics. The commercial wall exhaust fans can be shutter, panel, guard or roof mounted; while the the in-line fans can be axial, mixed flow or centrifugal types.

  • Delhi Industries Inc.

    Delhi Industries manufactures commercial axial fans including tube axial fans, roof exhausters, and mancoolers. The tube axial fans feature 48", 54", and 60" cast aluminum blades, and a static pressure range of 0-1 1/2 inch. The fans can be mounted horizontally or vertically and feature CFM up to 75,000.

  • distributes commercial exhaust fans manufactured by TPI, Schaefer, J&D Manufacturing, Optimus, and Tjernlund.

  • International American Inc

    International American Inc. is a supplier of commercial fans including pedestal, shutter and exhaust types. The pedestal fans are available with 24" and 30" diameter blades, and up to 5100 CFM or 9350 CFM. The shutter fans feature corrosion-proof construction and are available with 12" and 16" diameter blades.  The 36", 42", and 48" fiberglass exhaust fans are single or three-phased.

  • Jan Fan Inc

    Jan Fan Inc. manufactures commercial fans including: pedestal, shop, l-beam, floor, mobile, garage, bench, wall mounted, energy efficient, ceiling mounted, and workstation types.

  • MacroAir Technologies

    MacroAir Technologies designs a six-blade series of commercial fans designed to work with existing heating and cooling systems. The fan's 24" diameter blade can cover up to 20,000 square feet, and are found in retail shops, auto dealerships, and sports complexes.

  • Marley Engineered Products

    Marley Engineered Products provides commercial ventilation products include commercial exhaust fans, air circulators, ceiling fans, and air curtains. The various products are found within restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters.

  • Soler & Palau

    Solar & Palau manufactures a line of commercial fans including centrifugal roof and sidewall, sidewall and utility, propeller roof, in-line/ceiling and cabinet, gravity roof types.