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A furnace is a permanent fixture heating device that ventilates heat conditioned air into a closed building.

A furnace is a heating device used in home and industrial applications. Home furnaces are comprised of burners, a heat exchanger, a draft inducer, and venting, as well as a blower, controls, and safety devices. It works as heat, originating at the burners, is drawn into the heat exchanger by negative pressure. The resulting combustion produces hot gases that move through the chambers of the heat exchanger, heat the metal walls of the heat exchanger, and leave the furnace at about 120 degrees. Industrial heaters work when fuel flows into the burner and is burnt with air provided from an air blower. The flames subsequently heat a set of tubes, which pass the heat onto the radiant section or firebox where combustion takes place. Heat then radiates to another set of tubes that contains fluid, which is heated to the desired temperature. Leading manufacturers: Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Aire Flo, Payne Heating & Cooling, Kenmore, Columbia Boiler, Boyertown Furnace Co. Clare Brothers, Thermo Products, DMO Industries

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  • Bryant

    Bryant gas furnaces come in three series', their top of the line Evolution Series, the Preferred Series, and the Legacy Series. There are three gas furnace models available in the Evolution Series, five gas furnace models available in the Preferred Series, and three gas furnace models available in the Legacy Series. The Preferred and Legacy lines are also available in oil furnaces.

  • Armstrong

    Armstrong manufactures gas furnaces, oil furnaces, coils and air handlers. Their gas furnace product line offers everything  from 80% efficiency to 95% efficiency. Their oil furnace product line offers 80% efficiency. Electric furnaces are also available.

  • American Standard

    American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning manufactures gas and oil furnaces. Their furnace products have AFUE ratings from 80% up to 96.7%. Furnace models come in combinations of single-, two- and three-stage heating, variable speed, and high-efficiency.

  • Rheem Mfg. Co., Air Conditioning Div.

    Rheem manufactures downflow and upflow, horizontal installation gas and oil furnaces with gas & oil efficiency of 80%; to 95% AFUE or above in the gas models. The furnace heat exchanger has a warranty of either limited-lifetime or 20-years, with all other parts having a 5-year warranty. These units are designed for home applications. Rheem also manufactures units for businesses. Their self-contained gas/electric units have 1-year limited parts warranty and are designed for commercial use. Designed for rooftop installation. Some models with 80% and 81% AFUE, capable of down or side discharge, available in three-phase and single-phase models. Certain Rheem furnace models are Energy Star rate.

  • Goodman

    Goodman manufactures standard and high efficiency gas furnace products. Goodman high efficiency gas furnaces come in multi-position and downflow models, in variable- and multi-speed, ranging from efficiency rating 92.1% AFUE, to 95% AFUE. Goodman's standard efficiency gas burners have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 80%. Standard efficiency gas furnace models come in multi-position or downflow installation, multi-speed options. These gas furnace units have a lifetime limited warranty on the  heat exchanger and a 10-Year limited warranty on all other functional parts. Packaged electric heating/cooling systems are also available.

  • Carrier

    Carrier manufacturers gas heat furnaces. The Infinity ICS gas furnace uses precision temperature control. The Infinity 96 gas furnace offers 96.6% AFUE with a variable speed blower. The Performance 95 gas furnace offers up to 95% AFUE and two-stage operation. The Comfort 95 gas furnace offers up to 95% AFUE and a multi-poise design. Many more models to choose from. Carrier also offers oil furnaces.

  • Trane

    Trane is a gas and oil furnace manufacturer. Single-stage, two-stage and three-stage furnace types are available. Their furnaces come in variable-speed, 2-stage upflow and downflow/horizontal models, and high-efficiency models. All furnaces come with the Trane lifetime limited warranty. Their models range from up to 80% AFUE to 96.7% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

  • Lennox International Inc

    Lennox manufactures gas and oil furnaces. Lennox furnaces have efficiency ratings from 80% up to 95% AFUE. Many models are ENERGY STAR qualified. Furnace models offer variable-capacity and variable speed features. Gas and oil furnace heat exchangers come with a 20-year or lifetime limited warranty depending on model. Their oil furnaces have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. A gas furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system if desired.

  • Reznor

    Reznor offers indoor and outdoor duct furnaces. Indoor and outdoor packaged furnace models come in various combinations and features good for warehouses & distribution centers. Gas fired air heating/cooling capabilities; with blower unit combination; pad mounted or ceiling suspended, rooftop installation on certain models; spark ignition, 120/24v; in separated combustion for dusty, dirty environments; and specifically energy efficient furnace models. Reznor units are applicable for air cooling/heating and air replacement applications for facilities such as factories and restaurant kitchens. Electric heater units are also available.

  • Coleman

    The Coleman Echelon™ series of gas furnace products is comprised of 80% to 98% AFUE rated variable speed modulating furnace models, and 80% to 97% AFUE constant speed modulating furnace models. Coleman oil furnaces are rated 80% AFUE efficiency and have an easy add-on air conditioning option. Coleman also manufactures single- and two-stage gas furnaces with constant and variable-speed blower motors. Each furnace system comes with a burner, where gas (natural or propane) or oil is delivered and burned, an ignition source, a heat exchancer, a blower motor, filtration and ductwork, and a flue or vent pipe.

  • York

    York manufactures gas and oil furnaces. Their furnace line includes 80% to 98% AFUE variable speed modulating models, and 80% to 97% AFUE constant speed modulating furnace models that fully modulate from 35% - 100%, or from 50% - 100% for precision comfort tuning (depending on model type). Single-stage and two-stage furnaces come in models with a constant speed blower motor or variable speed. Each furnace system comes with a burner, where gas (natural or propane) or oil is delivered and burned, a heat exchancer, ductwork, and a flue or vent pipe.

  • Heil

    Heil offers the QuietComfort VS 95 Series gas furnace. This furnace employs a two stage system operating at low heat and modulates to high heat production if the temperature drops. This furnace system comes equipped with a variable speed motor to help increase comfort by maximizing moisture removal during colling operation.

  • Comfortmaker

    Comfortmaker offers a variable speed, two stage gas furnace with 95% AFUE, an electronic controls monitor system, a two stage redundant gas valve, a two speed induced draft blower assembly, and a variable speed motor that modulates as needed.

  • Metromatic

    Metronomic's series of warm air furnace products are of identical construction and may be used as a hi-boy, right or left hand horizontal, with no changes. Furnace models have capacities between 83% and 83.7% AFUE, or a capacity greater than requires testing under F.T.C. regulations. All Metromatic furnaces are UL-listed and carry a limited lifetime warranty. All of their furnaces have the Beckett AFG Oil Burner installed.

  • Bard

    Bard oil furnaces come in high-boy, low-boy and counterflow models. A heat exchanger from heavy 12 and 14 gauge steel construction, baromtetric control for draft control included with each furnace, and a pyrolite combustion chamber are among the construction features of Bard furnaces. All furnace models have capacity up to 81% AFUE, and electrical ratings at 115V, and 60Hz. Gas/Electric units are available as well.

  • Frigidaire

    Frigidaire is a gas furnace manufacturer whose products offer energy efficiency ratings from 80% to 97+% AFUE. Oiil furnaces are rated 80% AFUE.  Furnace models come in two-stage variable or fixed speed, and single-stage, including a single-stage variable speed oil furnace.

  • Maytag

    Maytag is a gas and oil furnace manufacturer. Their furnace energy efficiency ratings range from 80% AFUE to 97+% AFUE. Maytag furnaces 92.1% AFUE and higher meet the Energy Star Requirements for energy efficiency performance.

  • Westinghouse

    All Westinghouse gas and oil furnaces offer a 10-Year limited parts warranty. A Westinghouse gas furnace is available with features in combination of variable speed, fully modulating, single-stage, two-stage, or fixed speed. Furnace annual fuel utilization efficiency ranges from 80% to 97+% AFUE.

  • LMF Manufacturing

    LMF (Light My Fire) Mfg. is a corn burning furnace manufacturer. They offer 2 forced hot air units (100,000 & 170,000 Btu models) and 2 hot water boiler units – (100,000 and 170,000 Btu).  The hot air furnaces are fully automatic with a 14 bushel corn bin for automatic feed, are self-feeding and self-cleaning.with a 14 bushel corn bin for automatic feed.

  • ECR International

    ECR manufactures the Olsen brand oil and gas furnace products. Their furnace line includes Energy Star rated units, and three, four and multi-position units. Furnace capabilities range from 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) to 95% AFUE. Olsen furnaces come with a 5-year warranty on parts.