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Air heaters are devices that are designed to heat an enclosed area. Types of heaters include convective heaters, and radiative heaters.

A heater is a device that emits heat or causes another object or substance to reach a higher temperature. Common types include central, electric, gas, oil, space, and water heaters. A central heater is key to a central heating system, which can warm the interior of an entire structure rather than individual rooms. Space heaters, by contrast, are small, portable units used to heat small spaces.Electric heaters include all appliances that convert electric energy into heat; this is the operating principle behind many space heaters, convection heaters, storage heaters, and water heaters. Gas heaters burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum, and include patio heaters and indoor household gas heaters. Oil heaters are used to warm small rooms, and are safer than electric fan heaters and gas heaters due to lower surface temperatures and their lack of emissions. Lastly, water heaters use a thermodynamic process to heat water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating.Leading manufacturers: Holmes, Honeywell, Espar, Lasko, DeLonghi,, Mr. Heater, Coleman and The Heater Shop.

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  • Broan

    Broan is a manufacturer of several types of heaters, including wall heater, high capacity wall heater, ceiling mounted heater, bulb heater, register heater, kickspace heater and portable heater units.

  • Air & Water, Inc.

    Air & Water, Inc. is the manufacturer of electric space heater and garage heater units.  The electric space heater comes in variety of sizes and types including oscillating, heating mats, oil-filled radiators, flat-panel space heaters, foot heaters and convection space heaters.  The garage heater units come in electric and gas, and in a variety of sizes. Infrared heater and wall heater units are also available.

  • Schwank

    Schwank is a manufacturer of infrared radiant luminous heater units.  These heater units work on a direct fired basis whereby the infrared energy is radiated by a ceramic tile that is heated by flame established at the hundreds of ports in the tile.  Heating products include luminous (natural gas, propane), tube (natural gas, propane), patio (natural gas, propane) and sports/arena (gas) heaters.

  • Warren Technology

    Warren Technology is a manufacturer of electric heater units in four product lines.  The Custom Built Electric Duct Heater is used for commercial HVAC systems. The Stock Line Electric Duct Heater is used for multiple duct applications with optional external accessories available.  The Quick Silver Heaters fall in between the Stock-Line and Custom Built Duct Heaters by providing the heater benefits of quick production cycles of the Stock Line Unit while obtaining the custom spec flexibility of the Custom Built Heater.  The Unitary Insert Heating Products are used in smaller residential and light commercial HVAC systems.

  • Sterling

    Sterling is a manufacturer of three models of heater units.  The Gas Fired Heating Unit are available in propeller, burner and indoor duct furnace models.  The Oil Fired Unit Heater, which is is designed to operate on number 1 & 2 fuel oils, is available in eight sizes ranging from 70 to 560 MBH (0.50 to 4.00 GPH); and the Steam and Hot Water Unit Heaters, which are available in a multiple range of sizes and types.

  • Lennox International Inc

    Lennox is a manufacturer of a variety of heater products with various capacity ranges including 44,000 - 132,000, 30,000 - 400,000 and 75,000 - 300,000 Btuh.  Lennox also makes garage heaters with heating capacities from 30,000 to 75,000 Btuh.  The heater unit is a corrosion resistant design that vents out hot gases.

  • Cadet Manufacturing Company

    Cadet is the manufacturer of zonel electric fan and baseboard heater units.  The electric fan heater comes in a variety of sizes and models and can be placed under cabinets, in bathrooms, and can be used to heat large and small areas.   The baseboard heaters come in either an electric model or soft heat (quiet) model.

  • Markel

    Markel is a manufacturer of many different types of heater units.  Heating products include electric baseboard, electric wall, electric ceiling, electric cabinet and electric convention heaters.  Markel also makes specialty heater units including radiant ceiling panels, radiant cove and heat cables.

  • Berko

    Berko is a manufacturer of heater products, including baseboard, ceiling, convector, portable, radiant, unit, wall and explosion-proof heaters.

  • Reznor

    Reznor is a manufacturer of electric heating units, including ceiling recess-mounted heaters, ceiling surface-mounted heaters, and heavy duty suspended heater, commercial wall mounted heater, and an explosion-resistant heater units.

  • Eskabe USA

    Eskabe manufactures direct vent wall heaters which are approved by the CSA (formerly the American Gas Association). These heater units use outside air for combustion and the burnt gases are then vented outside. Heater burning efficiency is approximately 80%, so there is more value for each fuel dollar. Heaters can be used in up to 2,000 feet of altitude.

  • Farmtek

    Farmtek is the manufacturer of the Pic-A-Watt Unit Greenhouse Electric Heater for use in a garage, shop or greenhouse.  This electric heater runs on 240V with a multiple wattage selection, 19,659 BTU at 5,760W, has a 3 position switch and a universal mounting bracket is included.

  • TPI

    TPI Corporation is a manufacturer of heaters including built-in electric heater, duct and VAV/plenum heater, portable electric heater and infrared heater units. 

  • AbsoluteAire

    AbsolutAire manufactures direct-fired heater systems.  Heating capacities of their heaters range from 200 to 6,000 MBH and to 17,000 MBH.  Airflow capacities of their heater units range from 800 to 50,000 CFM and 130,000 CFM.