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  • SSHC Inc

    SSHC Inc. manufactures and distributes electric radiant heating systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures, along with interior and exterior applications. The commercial/industrial radiant heating systems feature wattage of 100, 400, 500, or 750; and are available as low density, high density, industrial super density, and high humidity type systems. The company produces other radiant heating products including basement heaters, snow melting systems, floor warmers, ceramic heaters, underdesk heaters, and thermostats and controls.

  • Runtal North America

    Runtal North America manufactures and distributes commercial/institutional electric radiant floor heating and hydronic radiant floor systems that feature a sleek 2" Eurostyle profile design. The company's radiators feature all welded steel construction, broad radiating surface areas, and a flattened steel tube design, which allows the radiators to be integrated as part of an architectural scheme.

  • Warm Your Floor Inc

    Warm Your Floor Inc. supplies radiant heat, floor warming products manufactured by Suntouch, Nuheat, Centech, Amorim Cork, Cozy, ClearMirror, Nexans, HeatTrak, and Velleman. Radiant heating products include floor warming systems and heating mats, bath mirror defoggers, electric and floor heating cables, and snow and ice melting systems for driveways and walkways.

  • Inc Inc. distributes a line or radiant heating products including floor heating systems, radiant heating panels, snow melting systems, towel warmers, mirror defoggers, under area rug warmers, and under desk heaters. The floor heating systems are available in 120V or 240V, while the radiant heating panels can be fixed to a wall either horizontally or vertically, and are available in three designs. The snow melting systems can be installed in asphalt, concrete or in mortar under pavers.

  • Thermosoft International Corp

    Thermosoft International Corp. manufactures electric radiant floor heating products including dual wire radiant electric floor heaters, and 3-in-1 radiant floor heating systems. The company ThermoTile radiant floor heaters feature 120V or 240V mats, and up to 150 ft2, 200 ft2, 300 ft2, or 400 ft2 per thermostat. The radiant products are used to heat ceramic and stone tile floors, along with laminate and floating wood floors.

  • Radiant Floor Company

    Radiant Floor Company designs radiant floor heating systems including open system, closed system, heat exchanger systems, and heating water with solar energy types. The company designs these systems for contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

  • NuHeat

    NuHeat manufactures electric radiant floor heating systems that provide floor heating for an entire room or irregular-shaped rooms. More than 60 standard sizes of floor heating mats are available to heat tile, stone, granite, laminate, and engineered wood. The company also produces a line of freeze protection heating cables.

  • B.G.M. Supply

    B.G.M. Supply distributes radiant panel heating systems including slab, sandwich over slab or subfloor, under floor, wall or ceiling, radiator, or basebord radiation types. The baseboard radiation systems are manufactured by Haydon and Slantfin, while the panel radiators are produced by Myson, Dianorm, Warwick, and Kitec.

  • HeatTrak

    HeatTrak designs and manufactures electrically radiant heating heavy-duty safety mats that prevent snow and ice accumulation within commercial and industrial facilities. The industrial heating walkway and stair mats plug into any standard 120V or 240V outlet and generate enough heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour.

  • Warmboard Inc

    Warmboard Inc. manufacturing radiant heating systems for architects, contractors, and hydronic installers. The heating systems are able to warm solid wood, engineered laminate and bamboo, tile, carpet, cork, vinyl, and linoleum. The systems can also be installed over an existing concrete slab or existing plywood or OSB subfloor.

  • WarmUp Inc

    WarmUp Inc. manufactures electric radiant floor heating systems for bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, and sun rooms. The systems are able to heat a number of floor surfaces including bamboo, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, cork, engineered wood, laminate, marble, natural wood, polished concrete, and stone.