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Thermostats and zone controls are devices used to regulate the air conditioning and temperature of a given room or area.

 A zone controlled system allows a user to regulate temperatures independently in different parts of a building or other structure. Most homes have between two and six zones, although certain systems allow for 100+ zones. Benefits include specific temperature preferences, as well as reduced cooling and heating costs, since unused parts of a building do not have to be temperature regulated.Thermostats areinstruments used to regulate temperature in a system through the programming of a setpoint. These devices switch heating or cooling devices on or off in order to maintain the setpoint temperature.Leading manufacturers: Alpine Home Air, Honeywell, Zonex Systems, Aprilaire, Jackson Systems, White-Rodgers, Lux, Braeburn, Carrier and Hunter. 

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  • Lennox International Inc

    Lennox manufactures a variety of thermostat products including energy star compliant thermostats, touchscreen thermostats, and programmable and non-programmable thermostats. They also offer a full line of energy star compliant zone control products, including room-by-room comfort control systems and two-zone heating and cooling systems.

  • American Standard

    American Standard manufactures a variety of digital thermostats for residential heating and air conditioning systems, including the Ultimate Series fully programmable digital thermostat, the Premium series programmable and non-programmable Comfort Control digital thermostat, and the Contemporary series simple non-programmable digital thermostat.

  • Air & Water, Inc.

    Air and Water Inc distributes a variety of thermostat products from Honeywell, Robertshaw and White Rogers, including thermostats for single stage heating and cooling systems, heat pump thermostats, wireless thermostat units, direct line voltage thermostats and programmable thermostat units.

  • Robertshaw

    Robertshaw manufactures thermostats for a variety of applications. Models include standard thermostats (including heat pump), non-programmable thermostats, programmable thermostats, line voltage thermostats, mechanical thermostats, and humidity and zone controls.

  • Bryant

    Bryant manufactures a full line of thermostat products such as programmable thermostats, non-programmable thermostats and zone controls (including the Evolution Control system).

  • Aprilaire

    Aprilaire manufactures zone controls and thermostats for residential HVAC applications. Products include the 6504 Zone Control; a simple to use system that eliminates inconsistent and uncomfortable temperatures, and a variety of thermostat products that include programmable and non-programmable thermostats and internet accessible thermostat units.

  • Mark Air Inc.

    Mark Air Inc. offers Trane thermostat and Honeywell zone control products, including a complete line of programmable and non-programmable thermostat products with up to seven-day programming. Trane thermostats feature back-lit displays with interactive touch screens, minimum compressor run time, and an arm chair programming feature with removable screen and outdoor temperature display.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell thermostat products include programmable and non-programmable thermostats that can be either professional installed or do-it-yourself models.

  • Hunter

    Hunter makes a dozen different thermostat models, from digital and mechanical thermostats, to seven day programmable, room control sensors, and auto changeover thermostat units. Wireless zone sensors are also available.

  • Carrier

    Carrier offers nine different thermostat products, from zone control units, programmable thermostats, non-programmable units, 3-zone units, to wireless thermostat and BASE models (customized thermostat unitss).

  • Lux

    Lux offers mechanical thermostats (eco-friendly, mercury free), digital thermostat units, programmable thermostats for your home, and a programmable thermostat for your space heater. They also make available an AirFlow Breeze quiet register booster fan and locking thermostat guards.

  • White-Rodgers

    White-Rodgers offers Emerson Blue thermostats that come with an easy to view blue display, with thermostat choices of 12 square-inch, 6 square-inch, 4 square-inch, or 2 square-inch touchscreens. Thermostat applications include heating, cooling, residential and commercial. Heat pump or single stage models are also available.

  • Trane

    Trane manufactures a variety of thermostats including digital, programmable and non programmable thermostat models featuring accurate temperature control and easy to use interfaces.

  • Maytag

    Maytag HVAC manufactures a programmable thermostat for residential air conditioning systems.

  • Frigidaire

    Frigidaire zone control systems provide comfort control for each room in a home. Each zone control has its own thermostat for customizable temperature control. The use of programmable thermostats is recommended.

  • EWC Controls

    EWC Controls manufactures thermostat products, including touchscreen thermostats, a digital programmable thermostat for single stage systems and two stage heat pump systems, programmable thermostat units, wireless thermostat units, and internet accessible thermostats.

  • TPI

    TPI manufactures digital controls and thermostats for commercial and residential air conditioning and heating equipment. Models include the TE series control with digital display and digital transformer compatibility, the analog RK series control, the UT series thermostat with vertical or horizaontal mounting option, and the simple 2000 series dial thermostat.

  • Bard

    Bard HVAC manufactures a variety of thermostats and control systems including low voltage air conditioner controls and humidistats for residential HVAC systems.

  • Braeburn

    Braeburn manufactures thermostats for residential heating and air conditioning systems with features including fully programmable function, optional indoor and outdoor remote sensors, recirculating fan mode, multi-level keypad lockout, auto changeover mode and auto humidification control.

  • Westinghouse

    Westinghouse manufactures zone control systems designed to make residential central air systems up to 30% more efficient, and boost the power of smaller capacity air conditioning equipment. The system consists of a series of pneumatically-operated dampers independently opened and closed within existing duct work by a programmable control panel.