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4-axis machining services for the manufacturing of various medical, aerospace and miniature components.

4-axis machining services for the manufacturing of various medical, aerospace and miniature components.

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  • Rostra Vernatherm

    Rostra Vernatherm produces aerospace manifolds that are machined on a 4-axis machining center. The company utilizes CAD-CAM and 3-D modeling to streamline the design to machining process.

  • Ja-V Industries

    Ja-V Industries fabricates parts and precision stamping for the aerospace, military, electronic, and commercial industries. One of the company's CNC machines is a 1050 Machine Center 40"x20" that feature a 4-axis indexer.

  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owen Industries Inc. manufactures components for CT and MRI scanner systems, surgical instruments, biopsy cutters, and respiratory, cardio pulmonary, and cardiac devices via 4-axis machining.

  • Advanced Pattern Works LLC

    Advanced Pattern Works LLC provides CNC machining services including 4-axis machining. The company specializes in producing patterns for the casting, foundry and vacuum forming industries. Aside from patterns, product specialties include industrial molds and tooling, vacuum forming molds, industrial models, fiberglass molds and plugs, and foam cutting.

  • Magnus Hitech Industries, Inc

    Magnus Hitech Industries Inc. is a precision metal fabricator that performs CNC 4-axis machining of various metal parts used in the medical, aerospace, communications, simulations, defense electronics, and fiber optics industries.

  • Oberg Industries, Inc.

    Oberg Industries Inc. high precision machines various shapes and difficult angles via 4-axis work cells. The company's machining capabilities can achieve surface finishes of less than 8 micro inches while holding critical tolerances to plus or minus .0002 inches.

  • Monsees Tool & Die Inc.

    Monsees Tool & Die Inc. operates a multi-axis/multi-taking machine capable of machining a part with only one setup and no fixtures. The machine can do a number of jobs including mold machining, gear hobbing, cylindrical grinding, boring, angle drilling, and traditional CNC turning and milling operations.

  • Superior Machining, Inc

    Superior Machining Inc. produces various aluminum, alloy, stainless steel, plastic, and nylon parts via 4-axis machining. The company fabricates components for the automotive, robotics, metrology, aerospace, and safety and mechanical testing industries.

  • Pendarvis Manufacturing, Inc.

    Pendarvis Inc. performs 4-axis machining of highly precise production parts and components. The company's 4-axis capable vertical mills can accommodate working envelopes of 50" x 26" x 24". Other fabrication services including high speed machining, aluminum machining, and prototype and short run machining.

  • Pro-Type Industries

    Pro-Type Industries Inc. performs CNC precision, 4-axis machining of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, acetal/delrin, nylon and composites. The company's machine shop is capable of handling a 64" x 40" x 25" work envelope for large part machining.

  • TCR Inc.

    TCR Inc. is a machine shop that fabricates short runs of complicated parts for the oil, steam, and gas turbine industries. The company has CNC milling capabilities of 80" x 60" with full 4-axis.

  • Fitz Machine Inc

    Fitz Machine Inc. manufactures precision machined steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, and exotic metal components via 4-axis machining. The company produces components for the aerospace, medical, defense and military, test and measurement, semiconductor, transportation, communications, automotive, packaging, robotics, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

  • FPD Company

    FPD Company provides high speed four-axis horizontal and vertical machining of titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and cobalt chrome components for the aerospace and medical markets.

  • Knappe & Koester Inc

    Knappe & Koester Inc. specializes in precision 4-axis CNC machining for the aerospace, architectural structures, commercial, turbine power generation systems, military ruggedized communications systems, and defense industries.

  • TM Limited

    TM Limited provides precision 4-axis machining of various stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and metal components used in the defense, aerospace, high tech, medical, and security industries.

  • Trueline C.N.C Inc

    Trueline C.N.C. Inc. manufactures gatling gun components, and engine and hydraulic products via 4-axis machining. Fabricated products are machined to tolerances of plus or minus .0001.

  • Dynamic Precision Tool & Manufacturing Inc

    Dynamic Precision Tool & Manufacturing Inc. operates a CNC machining department that features Fadal 4-axis machining centers. Within its CNC machining facilities the company also utilizes Mazak turning center and conventional milling machines.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.

    Aerospace Manufacturing Inc. utilizes a Hass Super VF4 machining center with full 4-axis machining capabilities. The company fabricates engine mounts, general aviation OEM exhaust systems, landing gear, float fittings, and other welded parts.

  • Delta Research Corp

    Delta Research Corp. operates more than ten, 4-axis machining centers and can machine up to 78" with absolute precision. The company fabricates planetary gear sets, engine components, steering pinions, valve bodies, machined housing, planetary carriers, hubs, master gears and gages, transmissions, and shafts.

  • Southern Precision Machining

    Southern Precision Machining conducts 4-axis CNC machining of aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloys. The company fabricates aerospace, automotive and precision components.