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5-axis machining services for the fabrication of a large assortment of power industrial components for a wide array of different markets.

5-axis machining services for the fabrication of a large assortment of power industrial components for a wide array of different markets.

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  • 5th Axis CNC

    5th Axis CNC designs and 5-axis machines small to high volumes of fixtures and tooling. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and aerospace AS9100B certified, and maintains proprietary software for turbines, blisks, impellers, fans, propellers, and other 5-axis tool paths. The company utilizes a number of 5-axis machines including Mikron HSM 400U, DMG HSC 55 Liner, Hermle C 30, and Haas VF models.

  • Metalex Manufacturing Inc

    Metalex Manufacturing Inc. specializes in large precision 5-axis machining for projects that require tight tolerances and precision finishes. The company undertakes prototype development projects and large assemblies for aerospace, energy and commercial industry clients. Components machined by Metalex include airframes, turbines, casings and pressure vessels.

  • Plas-Tech Inc

    Plas-Tech Inc. 5-axis CNC machines components ranging in size from .125" to 120" with tolerances of plus or minus .005". The company specializes in complete plastic product manufacturing, and can accommodate clients with prototypes, small runs, large runs, component supply, and finished product assembly.

  • Metalmite Corp.

    Metalmite Corp. manufactures, modifies and repairs various prototype and production parts via 5-axis synchronous CNC milling and 5-axis machining. The company utilizes a Mori Seiki 5-axis milling machine that reduces the number of needed setups, separate operations, fixtures, and secondary off-line work.

  • Nucon Corp

    Nucon Corp. specializes in 5-axis machining of integrally bladed components for the aircraft, aerospace, and turbo machinery industries. The company's product line includes jet engine cases, diffusers, compressors, turbines, rotors, fan sections, expanders, pumps, waterjets, and nozzles comprised of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, exotic metals, and plastics. The company can 5-axis configurations from 0.2 inches to 73 inches in diameter.

  • ALKAB Contract Manufacturing, Inc.

    ALKAB Contract Manufacturing produces various components by utilizing a Kuraki CNC-controlled 5-axis horizontal milling machine that features 157.48" x 90.55" travels, position accuracy of plus or minus .0002, and repeatability of plus or minus .0001". The company's 5-axis machining allows for large and small envelope capabilities.

  • Magnus Hitech Industries, Inc

    Magnus Hitech Industries Inc. utilizes 5-axis machining/milling to fabricate precision metal parts ranging in size from smaller than a dime to more than 25 feet long. The company manufactures products for the medical, aerospace, communications, simulations, defense electronics, and fiber optics industries.

  • Rostra Vernatherm

    Rostra Vernatherm manufactures manifolds on 5-axis machining centers, and produces aerospace and thermal management products. During 5-axis machining the company utilizes CAD-CAM and 3-D modeling.

  • Sangat Precision

    Sangat Precision uses 5-axis machining to manufacture complex parts including jet engine turbines. The company provides production parts and prototyping for the aerospace and medical device industries, and can manufacture complex parts from a single piece of material including exotic metals.

  • Schmiede Corporation

    Schmiede Corporation utilizes 5-axis machining to manufacture low to medium production runs of components and prototypes for the commercial, defense, nuclear, and aerospace industries. The company's machining capabilities include precision CNC machining to 0.0002" and precision EDM/wire ram to 0.0005".

  • Smiths Machine LLC

    Smiths Machine LLC uses 5-axis milling machines to produce a complex geometry of part sizes up to 1 cubic meter. The company also utilizes multiple pallets and high capacity tool magazines in its machining operations.

  • TURBOCAM International

    TURBOCAM specializes in 5-axis machining of flowpath components for the aerospace, industrial, automotive, marine and propulsion industries.

  • Steinkamp Mold

    Steinkamp Mold fabricates precision parts for the automotive and aerospace industries via advanced 5-axis CNC machining. The company has the capability to machine parts comprised of steel, stainless steel, die cast, plastic, aluminum, brass, titanium, copper, carbon fiber, or glass reinforced plastic.

  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owens Industries performs 5-axis machining of titanium implants for orthopedic use, along with miniature and micro machining. The company's 5-axis machining capabilities enable the firm to achieve angular tolerances to .002 degrees. The company also machines small parts for the aerospace and communications technologies industries.

  • 3D Pro's Inc

    3D Pro's specializes in precision 5-axis machining of complex and tight tolerance parts. The company's 5-axis milling machine has a 42,000 rpm spindle, 68 position tool changer, and 28 point pallet changer. The company also provides ultra precision CNC, prototype machining, and micro machining services.

  • Advanced Pattern Works LLC

    Advanced Pattern Works LLC 5-axis CNC machines aircraft components along with high precision patterns, molds, plugs and tooling for the aerospace, architectural, boating and car racing industries.

  • Faustson Tool Inc

    Faustson Tool Inc. specializes in 5-axis manufacturing technology, 5-axis milling, and 5-axis EDM of precision parts for the aerospace, aeronautics, defense, medical, and semiconductor industries.

  • Hydrojet Inc

    Hydro Jet Inc. specializes in 5-axis CNC machining of advanced materials and complex shapes. The company maintains a 5-axis high speed router (100" x 160" x 36"), a 5-axis waterjet (100" x 144" x 24") and a 5-axis CNC horizontal machine (64" x 40" x 32").

  • Jade Equipment Corp

    Jade Equipment Corp. uses 5-axis machining to fabricate complex parts - with complicated contour work - for the aerospace, semiconductor, alternative energy, medical/surgical, and pharmaceutical industries. The company machines parts comprised of aluminum, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, plated steel, brass, copper, nickel and copper alloys, nylon, polymers, laminates, precision metals, foils, and exotic alloys.

  • LAI International

    LAI International specializes in 5-axis CNC machining and 5-axis grinding of precision parts including blades, partitions, and vanes.