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Machining services geared toward the intricate, large, and often labor intensive parts utilized by the automotive industry.

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  • Magna Machine Co.

    Magna Machine Co. offers manual machining services, CNC machining services, and automated equipment design/manufacturing. Magna's manual machining services includes welding, drilling, lathing, and milling; and these services can be performed on a wide range of materials, including: brass, bronze, copper, fiberglass, stainless steel, wood, Teflon, steel, etc.

  • Wilke Enginuity Inc

    Wilke Enginuity, Inc. offers ISO 9001:2008 certified CNC laser cutting/engraving services for the following industries: promotional, ornamental, manufacturing, industrial, furniture, and architectural.These services are capable of producing laser engravings up to 24" x 18" x 11" capacities, cutting capacities ranging from 1/2" to 1-3/8", and available power ratings up to 5,000 watts. Wilke typically processes the following products: weldments, washers, valves, studs, spacers, shafts, printed circuit boards, plates, multiple component assemblies, housings, and bolts.

  • Dynamic Precision Tool & Manufacturing Inc

    Dynamic Precision Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. offers a variety of automotive parts and assembly services, including CNC machining, surface grinding, wire EDM, JIG grinding, CAD/CAM, etc.

  • Corry Laser Technology Inc

    Corry Laser Technology, Inc. offers laser cutting, drilling, welding, and marking machine services to the automotive, military, and aerospace industries. These machines feature a 7-axis CNC laser design, and they have work area measurements of 120" x 72" x 36" up to 1/2" thick. Typical processed materials include: wood, rubber, mica, glass, marble, ceramics, composites, stainless steel, aerospace alloys, etc.

  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering offers custom automated machinery solutions to the warehouse distribution, electronics, food processing, plastics, rubber, aerospace, dental, medical, and automotive industries. These machines are capable of the following processes: swaging, inspection/gauging, automated assembly, vibration control, material handling, machine tending, robotics integration, and step feeding.

  • TURBOCAM International

    TURBOCAM produces custom parts for the automotive industry, including automatic transmission parts, pumps, turbines, and stators.