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Composites and advanced composite materials for close tolerance and special applications. Machining types include honeycomb, Kevlar, fiberglass and more.

Composites and advanced composite materials for close tolerance and special applications. Machining types include honeycomb, Kevlar, fiberglass and more.

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  • Composite Resources

    Composite Resources can design, prototype and manufacture products from composite materials. Machining services offered include design, composite material decisions, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, laser cutting, milling, CNC machining, and others. Materials available include carbon fiber epoxy, styrofoam, acrylic, Kevlar, foam, E-Glass, polycarbonate, fiberglass, and more.

  • Power & Composite Technologies LLC

    PCT offers machining in the form of composite rings and cones, and custom composite structures. They can design, develop and machine composite rings that exceed the customer's expectations. PCT uses custom resin systems of epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters with reinforcing fibers to create custom composite structures, the backbone of their business.

  • Hydrojet Inc

    Hydrojet offers composite machining, milling, routing and finishing services. They specialize in machining composites and advanced composite materials for close tolerance and special applications. Materials include carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, honeycomb, Kevlar, polycarbonates, and bonded core panels.

  • Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Emco Industrial Plastics is a plastics distribution, fabrication and machining company. They offer composite fiberglass reinforced plastic in molded corrugated sheets, molded grating, and pultruded grating, profiles and sheet. The resulting composite material is known as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) in the USA, or by the trade name Fiberglass.

  • The Specialty Mfg. Co. (SMC)

    SMC Precision Machining Division offers composite (plastic) machining, CNC milling and turning, Swiss turning, EDM, and screw machines. Materials include exotics, teflon, nylon, acetal, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, steel and stainless. SMC also has an engineering department to assist in product design.

  • KLH Industries, Inc.

    KLH offers waterjet machining that virtually cuts any material, including composite plastics and ceramics, wood, rubber, stone, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, magnesium and Waspaloy.

  • Ultramet

    Ultramet engineers, develops and manufactures refractory metals, platinum group metals and composite ceramics for the aerospace, defense, biomedical and energy industries. They offer ceramic matirx composite machining that provides high temperature oxidation stability relative to metals.

  • MarkeTech International

    Marketech Fab-Group provides precision machining, brazing and metalizing of ceramics. They can machine pre-production prototypes with various composite plastics such as nylon, acetels and polycarbonates. Equipment includes CNC machines, engine lathes, milling machines, tube benders, press brakes, etc.

  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller offers custom composite (plastic) machining, fabrication, tanks and pipe systems. They specialize in the fabrication of all precision machined composite components. Materials include Abs, acetal, acrylic, Lexan, CPVC, Delrin, Kynar, Noryl, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, teflon, Torlon, and many others.

  • Micron Laser Technology

    Micron Laser Technology offers composite laser machining for the medical, aerospace, military, automotive and electronics industries. Materials include composites, plastics, ceramics, foam, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, nickel, steel, platinum and tungsten.

  • Canyon Composites

    Canyon Composites offers composite machining with spacecraft level tolerances of +/- .0001, .003 true position. They also offer composite prototyping, R&D, and production, as well as full service conventional and CNC capability.

  • Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Vanderveer offers complete machining and fabrication capabilites, including CNC milling and turning of composite materials like Delrin, Lexan, Noryl, nylon, teflon, polycarbonate, polyethylene. polyproplylene, Rulon, Ultem and Vespel.  All materials are manufactured to military specs.

  • MAC Machine

    Mac Machine offers precision machining of exotic metals, composite materials (plastic and fiberglass), magnesium, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, and sand and investment castings.

  • MacKenzie Machine & Design, Inc.

    MacKenzie offers precision CNC machining of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and composite materials such as plastics. Industries served include aerospace, environmental, food handling, government sub-contractors, high tech, medical, military sub-contractors, pharmaceutical, and semi-conductor.

  • Kinetic Composites, Inc.

    KCI offers machining of composite materials to manufacture solid panels, machined components and custom fabricated parts.

  • Fiber Dynamics, Inc.

    Fiber Dynamics offers composite machining for aerospace products and applications, including composite replacements for honeycomb panels, fire-retardant components, interieor components, flight recorder boxes, and more.

  • PremaTech Advanced Ceramics

    PremaTech offers machining and grinding of both metal matrix composites (MMC's) and ceramic matrix composites (CMC's).

  • Machined Ceramics, Inc.

    Machined Ceramics offers composite machining to +/- .0001 tolerances. Types of products include insulators, guides, washers, tubes, blocks and rods. Materials include aluminum oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, stabilized zirconia, aluminum nitride, iron oxide, quartz, sapphire, ruby, and ceramic composites.

  • Oren Elliott Products, Inc.

    OEP offers composite machining of acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, Torlon, PEEK, Ultem, acetyl copolymer and Delrin materials. Other machining services include aluminum, brass, bronze, sintered metals, steel, stainless and copper.

  • Lasermation, Inc.

    Lasermation offers machining of composite materials, ceramics, metal, wood, plastic, Corian and glass.