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Ceramics are used in a wide array of industries and is often utilized because of its high tolerance for extreme high temperatures.

Ceramics are used in a wide array of industries and is often utilized because of its high tolerance for extreme high temperatures.

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  • Astro Met, Inc.

    Astro Met's main focus is precision machining of ceramic components from the ceramic materials that they manufacture. These include AmAlOx 68 alumina, AmAlOx 87 alumina, AmZirOx 86 zirconia, ZTA-96 zirconia toughened alumina and our distributor product, Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic. Astro Met has machining experience with nearly every type of advanced ceramic material currently available.

  • Bomas Machine Specialities, Inc.

    Bomas Machine Specialties offers precision machining of advanced ceramic and composite materials from prototype to production. Industries include aerospace, military/defense, automotive, medical, semiconductor, nuclear, dental, electronic, research, and others. Ceramic machined parts include MOR bars, notch beams, pullrods, fixturing, rings, thermocouples, tubes, wear parts, and much more.

  • INSACO, Inc.

    INSACO offers precision ceramic machining of alumina, sapphire, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, Corning Pyrex, fused quartz, Corning Glass ULE, Macor, zirconia, and more. INSACO specializes in machining ceramic parts that often require tolerances measured in millionths of an inch.

  • Mica-Tron Products Corp.

    Mica-Tron Products has extensive experience is machining ceramics such as glass bonded mica, Macor and boron nitride. Mica-Tron has machined nearly every grade of glass bonded mica produced, and also has experience machining both natural mica grades and synthetic mica grades. Macor capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC grinding. Mica-Tron machines many ceramic boron nitride materials, including pyrolytic boron nitride.

  • National Ceramic Co.

    NCC's fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, milling and turning of ceramic materials such as Steatite, Cordierite, alumina and zirconia. NCC can provide finishes such as Teflon coating, glazing and metalization, and can obtain ±0.001" tolerance for most ceramic machining operations.

  • TQ Abrasive Machining

    TQ Abrasive offers industrial ceramic machining for a wide range of ceramic applications, including the aerospace, defense, microwave, nuclear, medical, semi-conductor, electronic and automotive industries. Materials used in ceramic machining include alumina, aluminum, boron, ferrites, Macor, quartz, silicon, titanium and zirconia.

  • Ortech Advanced Ceramics

    Ortech's ceramic machining capabilities include high tolerance ceramic machining, and also grinding and polishing of unfired (green) and fired ceramics. Materials include alumina, sapphire, silicon, Macor, zirconia, Steatite, tungsten, glass and quartz.

  • Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc.

    Ferro-Ceramic Grinding is a precision machine shop and ceramic supplier, specializing in grinding engineered ceramics and other hard materials. Ferro-Ceramic Grinding offers CNC ceramic machining of aluminum, boron, ferrites, glass, Macor, quartz, sapphire, silicon, titanium, tungsten and zirconia.

  • Sun Enterprise Inc.

    Sun Enterprise offers ceramic machining for the semi-conductor, solar, flat panel, laser, automotive, power generation, military, paper, pump and piston, and the oil field industries. Ceramic materials include alumina, quartz, zirconia, silicon, aluminum, Macor, glass and others.

  • Technical Products, Inc

    Technical Products has been machining and distributing ceramics and plastics for 30 years. Ceramic materials include Macor, alumina, boron, glass, quartz, sapphire, silicon, Steatite, zirconia, and others.

  • Accuratus Ceramic Corp.

    Accuratus offers ceramic machining and firing as defined by ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-1993. Precision dimensional tolerances of 5 microns (.0002") and surface finishes of 0.2 microns (8 microinches) are obtainable. Diamond grinding of ceramics, green machining of ceramics, and firing ceramics are some of Accuratus' capabilities.

  • Elan Technology

    Elan Technology offers ceramic machining for a variety of materials, including alumina, Steatite, Mullite, Cordierite and zirconia. Industries served include aerospace, defense, microelectronics, health care, lighting, automotive, marine and telecommunications.

  • Ceramics Grinding Co., Inc.

    CG provides all types of custom machining, grinding, and tooling of ceramics. Services include blanchard grinding of all ceramics, center-less rod and tube grinding to tolerances +/-0001, and ceramic dicing and slicing of all shapes and sizes of ceramic rods, tubes, plate's bars and substrates. Materials include aluminum, boron, ferrites, Macor, quartz, zirconia and others.

  • Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

    Bullen offers ceramic machining and finishing of tight tolerance components, including ID/OD grinding, surface grinding, ultrasonic drilling, shape grinding, CNC milling, hole drilling, coring and chamfering. Materials machined include alumina, silicon, AIN, CVD, SiC and others.

  • A C Technologies

    AC Technologies offers fabricated ceramic components. They have six grades of machinable ceramics available, including aluminum, glass, Macor, silica, alumina and boron. All are designed to be shaped without hard tooling. Aside from ceramic machining, AC Technologies offers slip casting, extrusion, dry pressing and other fabrication capabilities.

  • LSP Industrial Ceramics, Inc.

    LSP Industrial Ceramics is a manufacturer and stocking distributor of industrial & technical ceramics. Ceramic machining materials include alumina, Mullite, Steatite, silicon, sapphire, zirconia, silica, porcelain and others.

  • Machined Ceramics, Inc.

    Machined Ceramics offers ceramic machining to tight tolerances (+/- .0001). Applications include research universities, aerospace and national laboratories. Materials include aluminum oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, stabilized zirconia, aluminum nitride, iron oxide, quartz, sapphire, ruby and ceramic composites.

  • Precision Ferrites & Ceramics Inc.

    PFC designs and manufactures products from ceramic, glass, precious metal, and piezoelectric and dielectric materials. Markets serviced include aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, power generation, security and defense, and semi-conductor. Ceramic machining materials include alumina, aluminum, boron, silica, Macor, silicon and zirconia.

  • PremaTech Advanced Ceramics

    PremaTech offers ceramic machining and grinding for the semi-conductor, aerospace/defense, medical, and industrial markets.  Materials include silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina, Macor, quartz, sapphire, and ferrites.

  • International Ceramic Engineering

    International Ceramic Engineering offers diamond grinding and green machining of advanced ceramic materials. Capabilities include OD and ID machining, surface grinding, ultrasonic drilling and milling, cones and tapers, and more. Materials include alumina, boron, zirconia, Macor, silicon, aluminum, Steatite, glass, quartz, sapphire, and others.