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Graphite is a material used heavily in refractories, steelmaking and brake lining and known for its self-lubricating and dry lubricating properties.

Graphite is a material used heavily in refractories, steelmaking and brake lining and known for its self-lubricating and dry lubricating properties.

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  • Weaver Industries Inc

    Weaver Industries Inc. machines precise graphite parts to tolerances of within 0.0005 inches. The company can mill, drill, ream, bore, cut, thread, turn, contour, trepan and form a variety of graphite-based shapes and configurations. The company has 5-axis CNC milling capabilities of 48 x 136 inches.

  • Graphite Machining Inc

    Graphite Machining Inc. specializes in precision machining and fabricating of graphite and carbon-graphite parts ranging in size from 1/16" in diameter to 24" x 48" x 120". Machined products include rotors and shafts, canisters, fluxing tubes, disperser heads, boats, crucibles, seed holders, susceptors, heating rods, skimmer paddles, plunging bells, molds, pusher blocks, injectors, electrodes, ball swivels, toolings, boule dome liners, bolt and connectors, and furnace linings.

  • SST International

    SST International specializes in ultra-precision machining of graphite component and assemblies. Typical machined products include furnace fixtures, resistive heating elements, LPE boats, crucibles, EDM electrodes, precise locating inserts, beam targets, hot pressing dies, molds, nozzles, shields, and susceptors.

  • Graphite Sales Inc

    Graphite Sales Inc. custom fabricates graphite parts for a number of application including crucible parts, aluminum processing, boats, trays, chills, furnace parts, glass handling, and molds. The company machines graphite parts for a number of industries including aerospace, alloy production, brakes, carbide tooling, ceramics, chemical processing, electric discharge, hot glass handling, jewelry, solar energy, non-ferrous metals, and thermite welding.

  • Center Carbon Company

    Center Carbon Company is a manufacturer of custom graphite products for applications including metallurgical boats and trays, crucibles, furnace parts, heat treating trays and accessories, roads, and heating elements. The company stocks graphite that features high mechanical strength, low thermal expansion and oxidation levels.

  • Advance Carbon Products, Inc.

    Advanced Carbon Products machines graphite heaters, anodes, boats, molds, and crucibles.

  • R.W. Elliott & Sons, Inc.

    R.W. Elliott & Sons Inc. is a supplier of graphite additives including its H-80D grade of graphite material, which is known for its range of industrial applications. The company cut and machines various graphite parts including sintering trays, crucibles, casting dies, heating elements, canisters, brazing fixtures, rods and plates, lube blocks, boats, molds, run-out plates, kiln seals, pusher blocks, and oven bushings.

  • Semco Carbon

    Semco Carbon performs electrical discharge machining of graphite parts for fine detailed electrodes, aerospace, plastic injection molds, punch and die seats, powdered metal tooling, forging dies, extension dies, roughing electrodes, powdered metal tooling, and die cast applications.

  • Electro-Tech Machining

    Electro-Tech Machining precision machines graphite products for high temperature environments up to 3000 C including corrosive environments, electrical or thermal applications, and situations where thermal shock is an issue. The company maintains an inventory of more than 40 different types of graphite materials, which are available in block or rods.

  • Graphite Machining Services Inc

    Graphite Machining Services Inc. provides precision CNC machining of graphite along with 2D and 3D milling, grinding and turning services. The company fabricates graphite parts for a number of industries including: semiconductor, aerospace, mold and die, composites, quartz/CZ/hotwork applications, electronics and reflow, and casting and molding.

  • Phoenix, Inc.

    Phoenix Inc. manufactures 3-stage electrode, graphite finishing machines and graphite cathode machines. The company's 3-stage electrode finishing machines feature an overhead gantry robot and three machining stations. The cathode machines feature a multiple head, gantry milling machine.

  • IGM Carbon

    IGM Carbon conducts precision graphite machining to tolerances of within .001. The company utilizes CNC and conventional lathes, and also conducts CNC milling and horizontal boring. The company's machining facility feature lathe capacity up to 60" and horizontal cutting capacity up to 130".

  • MWI, Inc.

    MWI Inc. engineers graphite components and machines graphite for the aerospace, advanced materials, abrasive tooling, fiber optics, alternative energy, semiconductor, and metallurgical markets.

  • SGL Carbon, LLC

    SGL Carbon LLC provides graphite products manufactured from carbon-course-grain graphite, fine-grain graphite, and expanded natural graphite. The company produces graphite parts for a number of industries including: aerospace, agrochemicals, aluminum and non-ferrous metals, automation and robotics, automotive, chemical, construction and building service engineering, defense, electronics, semiconductor, water treatment, power generation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, mining, medical, marine, mechanical engineering, food, and environment.

  • Ameri-Source

    Ameri-Source provides graphite products that are manufactured via calcined petroleum coke. Products include graphite electrodes, graphite block and rod, extruded graphite, molded graphite block, ISO static graphite, and machine graphite components. The company can provide machined graphite components on a short turn around.