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  • Alcore

    Alcore provides structural honeycomb core materials to the aerospace, marine, construction, rail and industrial markets. Alcore offers 5 axis CNC machining to deliver solutions to customer's needs. Their aluminum honeycomb comes in CEAF, high performance, economical, high strength corrugated, three dimensional, and ultimate packages, each for different applications.

  • MachineTek LLC

    MachineTek offers precision fabrication and profiling of aluminum and fibrous honeycomb core components.  Machining is done on 5-axis CNC routers. CAD and CAM software are available to assist customers with honeycomb core details ready for composite lay-up. MachineTek's customers include Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Bell Helicopter, and many others.

  • Swiss Wire EDM

    Swiss Wire EDM features 5 axis EDM machining that can process components weighing a few grams to over 4000 lbs. They can machine parts, including honeycomb for the aerospace industry, up to 60" in diameter, 48" thick, angles to 30 degrees and corner radii less than 0.001".

  • Industrial Technologies, Inc.

    Industrial Technologies offers honeycomb machining, CAD and CAM services, reverse engineering, and more. Capabilities include wire EDM up to 15" cuts with .0001" precision tolerances. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, farm duty, HVAC, industrial, marine, medical, military, mining, paper, and many others.

  • Composite Resources

    Composite Resources offers design and prototyping of composite components. Services include CNC machining and laser cutting of honeycomb materials, fiberglass, aluminum, foam, titanium, acrylic, and many others.

  • Russell Plastics Technology Co., Inc.

    Russell Plastics is a fabricator of composite products for the aerospace, military, industrial and commercial markets. They offer metal to metal assemblies with CNC machining of aluminum honeycomb components, epoxy film adhesive and aluminum honeycomb cured under vacuum bag pressure, and autoclave cured aluminum honeycomb and composite closeouts.

  • Hydrojet Inc

    Hydrojet offers machining of composites and advanced composite materials for close tolerance and special applications. They specialize in honeycomb machining, and also machining of carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar, polycarbonates and bonded core panels.

  • Hexcel Corp.

    Hexcel's engineered core capabilities include 5 axis CNC machining of HexWeb honeycomb in blocks or slices. HexWeb honeycomb is used in military and commercial aircraft, including engine and nacelle applications.

  • Tolerance Masters, Inc.

    Tolerance Masters offer precision honeycomb machining, along with CAD design, CAM programming, and reverse engineering. Tolerance Master also offers wire EDM machining on materials like carbides, titanium, steels, cobalt, and other metals.

  • Innovent Technologies LLC

    Innovent Technologies offers EDM machining to create honeycomb components with tight tolerances (+/- 0.002 inches). Products range from honeycomb core brazed to face sheets, to 3-D shaped honeycomb structures.

  • Prime Laminating, Inc.

    Prime Laminating manufactures laminated honeycomb panels with their machining, fabrication, panel cutting and processing capabilities. Their CNC machining manufacturing center and design services insure that customer's spec will always be met.