Machining • Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

Process of removing metal via an electrochemical process. ECM is used on heavy metals for intricate cuts and odd-shaped components.

Process of removing metal via an electrochemical process. ECM is used on heavy metals for intricate cuts and odd-shaped components.

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  • TURBOCAM International

    TURBOCAM offers electrochemical (ECM) machining of all metals and alloys. Two dimensional tolerances can be held to ±0.0002” (±0.005mm). Three dimensional tolerances can be held to ±0.002” (±0.05mm). Surface finishes of 5–15µ inch Ra are achieved in a single pass.

  • Barber-Nichols, Inc.

    Barber-Nichols offers electrochemical machining (ECM) with features such as internal shaping (plunge holes), external shaping and trepanning, and surfacing of hard, thin and easily deformed work pieces. Electrically conductive materials can be machined up to 0.33 inches (0.84 cm) / minute.

  • Four Slide Products, Inc.

    Four Slide Products offers electrochemical machining, cutting and grinding, with ECM benefits available for cut-to-length tubing. Cut outs are achieved without mechanical or thermal stress.

  • Hogen Industries, Inc.

    Hogen Industries uses Durakut tungsten composites  for their electrochemical machining (ECM) electrodes. In plunger/sinker applications Copper tungsten is used due to the definition that is required, especially in tungsten carbide.

  • eMachineShop

    eMachineShop offers electrochemical machining (ECM) to create components not subject to thermal or mechanical stress. Brittle material can be machined easily. Electrochemical machining can create normal and delicate 3D shapes. Cutting, broaching, drilling and deburring services are also available.

  • Kennametal- Extrude Hone

    Kennametal offers electrochemical machining, deburring and polishing for the aerospace, automotive, die and mold, diesel, fluid power, medical and general engineering industries. ECM, ECD, and ECP are basically the same process but are used to achieve slightly different results.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech is a supplier of CNC machining components and subsystems. They offer electrochemical machining (ECM), routing, water jet cutting, and five axis CNC machining as well.

  • Sigmatec Precision

    Sigmatec specializes in electrochemical machining. They have the capability of producing micro ECM features. An example would be grooves for hydro-dynamic spindle bearings. Sigmatec can also develop micro ECM processes for your large scale productions.

  • Alpha Machine Co. Inc.

    Alpha Machine specializes in precision machining of aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, and various exotic plastics. They can manufacture custom electrochemical machining (ECM) electrodes used to burn grooves in fluid dynamic bearings.

  • ECM Technologies LLC

    ECM Technologies offers electrochemical machining services, including the production of parts for processes developed by ECM Technologies for customers requiring either a prototype batch or an annual demand. ECM is able to process products with a minimum process-gap of just a few micrometers.