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  • KLH Industries, Inc.

    KLH Industries offers a variety of CNC machining including OEM contract machining systems for inconel material fabrication. These machines utilize the newest software technology and are fully equipped for all precision fixturing and tooling.

  • Latva Machine, Inc.

    Latva Machine Inc. is an expert in machining components used in the aerospace, automotive, firearms, medical and military industries. Latva offers ISO certified custom machining services with extensive experience in fabricating components using Inconel and other exotic metals.

  • Trepanning Specialties, Inc.

    Trepanning Specialties Inc manufactures components from a variety of specialty metals including Iconel. Machining services include trepanning, gundrilling, boring, lathe work, high speed drilling and ore.

  • MGM Manufacturing Alliance

    MGM Manufacturing Alliance Corp offers exotic alloy machined parts including parts made from 3, 4 and 5 axis cnc milling procedures from alloys including Inconel and titanium. These components are ideal for uses in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

  • Chucking Machine Products Inc

    Chucking Machine Products Inc is a manufacturer of exotic metal components specializing in materials including Inconel and other alloys. Chucking Machine Products Inc can manufacture parts from 15" cube down to 1/4" in diameter.

  • Spex Precision Machine Technologies

    SPEX Precision Machine Technologies is a NY state based machiner of custom components where strength, durability and resistance are critical elements. Spex offers a variety of CNC machined parts manufactured from specialty materials including fittings, adapters, connectors and pipe fittings using inconel.

  • Toolcraft Co., Inc.

    Toolcraft Co is a metal parts manufacturer specializing in large CNC boring, milling and turning services for custom metal components including military and aerospace products made from Inconel.

  • 3D Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

    3D Medical Manufacturing offers custom machining services for nickel based alloys including Kovar, Invar, Inconel, Hastelloy and bio-compatible materials like titanium and 316L stainless steel to build burr free components under 20x magnification. 3D Medical Manufacturing is a leader in the machining of Kovar ferrules and Kovar feed throughs which include micro-hole drilling of .005" holes.

  • Chandler Industries Inc

    Chandler Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of custom made castings, forging and extrusions from Inconel and other specialty metals. Chandler Industries Inc's inconel parts serve a variety of aerospace and industrial applications.

  • Trace-A-Matic

    Trace-A-Matic is a specialty manufacturer of exotic metal machined components including custom machined Inconel components for the aerospace and aircraft industries. Machining services include CNC drilling, horizontal and vertical machining services.

  • Precision Machinists Company, Inc.

    Precision Machinists Company Inc is a Massachusetts based machine sop that specializes in supper alloys and high-performance alloys including Inconel. Precision Machinists Company Inc offers 5-axis machining, turning, milling, lathe, grinding and inspection services.

  • Tecomet

    Tecomet is a manufacturer of custom machined components for a variety of industries. Tecomet offers multi-axis CNC milling and turning services as well as Swiss turn machining for a variety of exotic metal types including Inconel.

  • Heartland Enterprise Ltd

    Heartland is a high quality production shop that has extensive experience in machining an array of materials including specialty alloys like Inconel. Heartland specializes in large diameter Inconel CNC machining services.

  • Hi-Tech Manufacturing

    Hi-Tech Manufacturing is an expert machine shop that offers machining of nickel-based alloys including Inconel for a wide array of industrial applications.

  • Burke Precision Machine Co., Inc.

    Burke Precision machine is a specialized machine shop that offers CNC machining and milling services for metals like Inconel and other nickel alloys. Burke Precision Machine produces components for aeropsace, medical and commercial industries.

  • Performex Machining Co.

    Performex manufactures custom machined Inconel and a variety of other metal alloys for a large variety of industrial applications.

  • At Precision

    At Precision Machining is a manufacturer of precision machine parts made from a wide array of materials including Inconel for a variety of industries. Inconel alloys are corrosion resistant, heat resistant, and are well suited for extreme environments. Common inconel alloys include 600, 625, and 718.

  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owens Industries is a custom manufacturer of aerospace components form CNC machined Inconel and high purity aluminum. Machining services from Owens Industries include CNC machine work, fine wire EDM and EDM with exacting tolerances.

  • Jade Corporation

    Jade is a custom metal fabricator that offers machined aerospace and military components from exotic alloys such as Inconel. Jade Corp specializes in CNC grinding and wire or sink EDM machining services.

  • Grand Valley Manufacturing (GVM)

    Grand Valley Manufacturing Co is a custom machine shop that specializes in fabricating components from exotic metal alloys such as Inconel. Grand Valley Manufacturing offers machine services including CNC turning, boring, drilling, turning, milling, and more.