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  • At Precision

    AT Precision Machining is a manufacturer of custom components for a variety of industries. AT Precision can manufacturer components from Monel and other exotic metals using machining techniques such as CNC turning and milling.

  • MGM Manufacturing Alliance

    MGM Manufacturing Alliance Corp is a precision machine manufacturer that offers custom machined parts made from exotic alloys including Monel, nickel, Kovar and titanium. These parts are used in a wide array of industries including medical, aerospace and military.

  • Latva Machine, Inc.

    Latva is a precision machining specialist that offers custom machined Monel components for applications in military, aerospace, medical, firearms and automotive industries. Latva also offers components made from Inconel, titanium and Hastelloy.

  • Spex Precision Machine Technologies

    Spex Precision Machine Technologies manufactures custom machined components for applications in fluid handling, hydraulics, medical, measurement, electron and automotive industries. Spex's machining capabilities include CNC turning and milling, screw machine, Swiss turning, sub-assembly, plating/finishing. heat treating and precision grinding.

  • Toolcraft Co., Inc.

    Toolcraft Co. Inc offers custom machining services for metal components made from a variety of exotic metals including Monel and Hastelloy for uses in the aerospace, military and mining industries. Toolcraft has automated machining equipment for large CNC turning, boring, milling and CMM.

  • Neptuno Engineering & Manufacturing

    Neptuno Engineering & Manufacturing is a machining and manufacturing company offering Monel machining services such as vertical and horizontal drilling, cylindrical and lineal straightening, milling, boring, brushing and other related machining services. Tolerances can be machined down to ±0.01 mm precision in some circumstances.