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  • Latva Machine, Inc.

    Latva Machine Inc. machines titanium components for the military, aerospace, medical, firearms, chemical and automotive industries. The various titanium components are made from bar, plate and investment castings. The company also performs titanium welding, titanium cutting, and titanium milling services.

  • J & J Machine Incorporated

    J&J Machine Incorporated manufactures various titanium components for the semiconductor, medical and OEM industries.

  • Tecomet

    Tecomet machines complex components and assemblies from titanium and titanium alloys including Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 6Al-4V ELl, CP2, and CP4. The company serves the aerospace, medical and defense industries.

  • High Tech Turning Co

    High Tech Turning Co. precision machines medical, electronic and instrument components from titanium. The company's processing capabilities include micro deburring, centerless grinding, plating, heat treating, laser marking and finishing.

  • KLH Industries, Inc.

    KLH Industries performs OEM contract machining of titanium components for the aerospace, food processing, medical, automotive, electronics and defense industries. The company possesses 4-axis capabilities with varied capacities to 42" x 24" x 24". Other machining performance capabilities include maximum CNC turning length of 80 inches, maximum CNC turning diameter of 25.6 inches, maximum swing of 35 inches, and maximum spindle speed of 1500 RPM.

  • MacKenzie Machine & Design, Inc.

    Mackenzie Machine & Design Inc. machines titanium parts and components for the aerospace, environmental, food handling, government/military subcontractors, high tech, medical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.

  • FPD Company

    FPD Company forges, machines, and finishes titanium components for the aerospace and medical industries.

  • Makino Inc

    Makino provides titanium machining solutions for the aerospace and medical markets. The company claims to provide manufacturers with four times the productivity and double the tool life of conventional titanium machining technologies.

  • At Precision

    AT Precision performs titanium machining services including precision grinding, precision milling, precision cutting, precision turning, and precision drilling.

  • MGM Manufacturing Alliance

    MGM Manufacturing Alliance Corp. machines complex and close tolerance precision components from titanium and titanium alloys. The company manufactures components for the aerospace, medical/scientific, and automotive industries.

  • Toolcraft Co., Inc.

    Toolcraft Co. Inc. machines large titanium parts for the aerospace and military industries. The company utilizes EDM technology to create these large titanium components.

  • Refracto Technologies Inc

    Refracto Technologies Inc. machines titanium parts and components including fastener sockets, splines, and gears for the aerospace, communication satellite, defense/military, electronics, medical, microwave, nuclear, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and solar industries.

  • Chucking Machine Products Inc

    Chucking Machine Products Inc. manufactures precision machined titanium components for the aerospace, medical, diesel engine, and land-based turbine industries. The company machines parts from 15" cube down to 1/4" in diameter.

  • 3D Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

    3D Medical Manufacturing machines bio-compatible components from titanium. Products manufactured by the company include medical device components and implants, electronic and semiconductor components, and telecommunications and fiber optic parts.

  • Performex Machining Co.

    Performex Machining Co. manufactures close tolerance, titanium blocks with smalls holes and detail work throughout. These titanium block parts require microscopic deburring.

  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owens Industries produces CNC-machined titanium components and parts for the aircraft and aerospace industries. The company has produced parts for F-16s and Delta Rocket engines.

  • Jade Corporation

    Jade Corporation machines exotic alloys including titanium to produce various parts, equipment, and assemblies for the electronics, medical/surgical, pharmaceutical, alternative energy, aerospace/defense, and semiconductor industries.

  • Trepanning Specialties, Inc.

    Trepanning Specialties Inc. focuses on trepanning and gundrilling of various materials including titanium.

  • Chandler Industries Inc

    Chandler Industries Inc. precision machines titanium parts for the process control, cryogenics, medical products, and automotive industries.

  • Trace-A-Matic

    Trace-A-Matic machines, turns, and mills exotic alloys including titanium. The company produces components for a number of industries including: aerospace, construction, electrical lighting, emergency rescue, food and drug, heavy equipment, hydraulics, industrial equipment, medical/health, military/defense, mining, raw materials, oil and gas, power generation, printing, and transportation.