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Machining services for high quantity, heavy weight, large scale applications. CNC turning, cutting and boring services for a variety of industries.

Machining services for high quantity, heavy weight, large scale applications. CNC turning, cutting and boring services for a variety of industries.

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  • Technox Machine & Mfg. Co.

    Technox Machine & Mfg. offers heavy machining in the form of horizontal and CNC horizontal boring, planner milling and CNC vertical milling, and horizontal, vertical and CNC turning. Technox has horizontal boring capabilities up to 28 feet long and their planner mills can handle a large range of parts regardless of size. The Technox turning center can manage very heavy parts.

  • Grand Valley Manufacturing (GVM)

    Grand Valley Manufacturing offers heavy machining with their turning, CNC turning, boring and drilling capabilities. GVM has large diameter manual lathes and a complete line of deep hole boring machines (up to 70 feet long), and also provide drilling services for holes ranging from 1.375" to 8.25" diameter. GVM offers long CNC turning and 4 axis CNC turning as well.

  • Magna Machine Co.

    Magna Machine has 16 overhead cranes (up to 20 tons each) with lifting capability of 40 tons in their heavy machining bay, and an 80,000 lb. Taylor Rigger’s special fork truck with boom. Magna is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and offers milling, CNC milling, and vertical and horizontal turning (CNC and manual).

  • Standard Machine, Inc.

    Standard Machine has been offering custom precision heavy machining since 1969. Their specialty is working with large complex parts in their 30,000 sq. ft. facility. SM has heavy lifting capabilities up to 40,000 lbs.

  • Mercury Machining & Fabrication

    Mercury Machining & Fabrication offers CNC turning services, handling parts weighing up to 75,000 lbs. Heavy machining is their specialty and 80" length parts can be turned for aerospace, automotive, medical or military applications. Mil-spec, QS, AS, SAE, and several other industry specific standards can be met.

  • Lincoln Park Boring Co.

    Lincoln Park Boring offers heavy machining with their 120 ton lifting capacity. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, food processing, die cast, injection mold, locomotive, machine tool, medical, mining and power generation.

  • General Tool Company (GTC)

    GTC offers heavy machining to the aerospace, aeronautical, aircraft, medical and power generation industries. With two assembly facilities totaling 75,000 sq. feet and five climate controlled bays with up to 40 tons of lifting capacity GTC can handle large assembly projects with ease.

  • D & S Machine Service

    D&S Machine Services can handle all of your heavy machining needs with their 3 CNC boring bars (140" by 100"), 3 manual boring bars (floor and table type to 160" by 60"), 3 CNC vertical machining centers (40" by 24"), 5 manual vertical and horizontal mills, and 2 CNC turning centers (24" by 122").

  • The Rose Corp.

    The Rose Corporation specializes in heavy machining and large scale operations, including turning up to 96” diameter, horizontal milling on 7” spindle boring mills, and planer milling to 34’ x 10’. Their plant doors measure 17' x 17' and they have 80-ton overhead crane capacity.

  • Selco Manufacturing Corp.

    Selco Manufacturing offers heavy industrial machining and can handle the heaviest of fabrication jobs. Materials used include all grades of alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. Industries served include rail construction, DOTMTA bridge construction, power distribution, transportation, and structural metal fabrication.

  • Machinists, Inc.

    Machinists Inc. offers heavy machining and large scale production with their CNC 5 axis mills with very large working envelopes and many CNC vertical and horizontal mills. Horizontal mills are able to handle parts over 72".

  • Trepanning Specialties, Inc.

    Trepanning Specialties offers heavy machining of trepan or gundrill materials such as stainless steel, titanium, wood and plastics. Capabilities include trepanning 17 1/2" inner diameter on a 40" diameter 4140, saw cutting 14" trepanned bar, trepanning 8" inner diameter on aluminum forging, and more.

  • Steel America

    Steel America offers heavy machining with the capability of shafting to  95ft. length and 86" diameter with excess of 50-ton capacity. They also offer in-place machining, milling and boring holes up to 20ft. length, large milling with 6" spindle on an 8ft. x 18ft. 60 ton table, and 100 ton shop crane capacity.

  • Astro Manufacturing & Design

    Astro Manufacturing & Design can handle all of your heavy machining requirements. Their boring mill department utilizes horizontal boring mills that can handle parts requiring a 60" x 80" x 120" work envelope. Materials include carbon steel, titanium, brass, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and others.

  • Wilke Enginuity Inc

    Wilke Enginuity offers heavy machining with an array of CNC services that includes forming, milling, routing and turning. Wilke has two vertical machining centers at 50 x 20 and also offers large aluminum steel machining.

  • Camco Machine

    Heavy machining is Camco's specialty. They are developing an IS0 9002 Quality Management System, and their vertical turning lathes and horizontal boring mills are massive. Three bridge cranes can handle large tooling of 100,000 pounds.

  • Intercon (Intercontinental Engineering)

    Intercon's machine shops can handle heavy machining of steels and alloys. 60' x 20' travel envelopes are routine. Vertical boring mills range in swing capacity from 48" to 20 feet. Work pieces weighing up to 100,000 lbs. can be accommodated.

  • Gilchrist Metal Fabricating (GMF)

    GMF is a leading manufacturer of heavy machining and large CNC machining. On-site CNC equipment includes a  5-Axis horizontal boring and milling machine, gantry mills of 5' x 27' and 8' x 15', and a high speed vertical mill. GMF can pipe or tube up to 75" long with a 22" diameter.

  • Wilcox Machine Co.

    Wilcox Machine offers heavy machining of large, complex engineered systems. Capabilities include large turning, large horizontal boring mill work, CNC machining and mold work, and fixtures and tooling.

  • Springs Fabrication, Inc.

    Springs Fabrication offers heavy machining with 8 CNC milling machines, 3 CNC lathes, and several large manual lathes. Their largest mill is 30ft X 8ft x 4ft with a 4-axis 360,000 count rotary infeed table.