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Laser machining and cutting is used to make precise cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing materials with a highly focused laser beam.

Laser machining and cutting is used to make precise cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing materials with a highly focused laser beam.

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  • Wilke Enginuity Inc

    Wilke Enginuity has four large-capacity laser cutting systems to machine a variety of materials to design specifications. From small runs to large scale projects Wilke can handle anything from prototypes to high volumes of material processes ranging from stainless steel industrial components, plastics for automotive and advertising industries to wood for furniture production, as well as stencils and large floor templates.

  • ENTEC Corp

    ENTEC Corp is a machining service provider specializing in laser cutting including 5-axis flat sheet cutting with minimal heat distortion. Other laser machining services include laser drilling and welding for a wide array of metal products for many applications.

  • Corry Laser Technology Inc

    Corry Laser Technology Inc is a machining services provider specializing in laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding, laser marking and other laser services for markets including aerospace, military and automotive. Corry Laser has 7-axis CNC laser cutting machines are capable of work areas measuring 120" x 72" x 36" up to 1/2" thick.

  • A-Laser

    A-Laser is a custom laser cutting services provider offering precision component manufacturing services for a variety of industries. A-Laser uses UV laser cutting machinery that cuts with precision and position accuracy of +/-.0005”. Service include laser routing, skiving, drilling and depaneling for applications such as fluidic channels, shadow masks, screens, encoder disks and more.

  • Micron Laser Technology

    Micron Laser is a laser fabricating machine services provider that offers laser processing of both rigid and flexible circuits including squeeze-out removal, window skiving, selective soldermask removal, trace trimming, part marking or scribing, serialization, and cavity formation. Micron Laser Technology is experenced in laser processing most PCB dielectrics and chemistries such as Kapton, polyimide, FR4, Isola, Getek, Nelco, Hitachi, Rogers, Gore, RCC, LCP, ceramics, soldermask, speedboard, epoxy, polyester, Teflon, Mylar, Duroid, acrylics, BT resins, Ultralam, PEEK, PTFE, FEP, and BCB. Other materials laser ablated include aluminum, copper, gold, silver, titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, nickel, steel, platinum, tungsten, composites, plastics, ceramic, and foam.

  • S & B Machine Works, Inc.

    S&B Machine Works offers a variety of laser machining services and can cut materials ranging in thickness from.005 to .5 including steel, alloys, aluminum and hi-temp alloys in both small and large quantities. Services including welding, stamping, milling, turning and sheet metal fabrications.

  • LaserGuide, Inc.

    Laser Guide Inc offers a variety of laser cutting services for both short and long run contract services including laser tube cutting and welding services. Laser Guide Inc also offers custom laser cut metal fabrications for a wide array of industries.

  • Smucker Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication

    Smucker Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication is a metal fabricator that specializes in custom laser cutting services for nameplates, truss plates, trailer parts, and more. Smucker Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication uses CAD/CAM design programs to cut parts from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

  • LaserLight Technologies

    Laserlight technologies is a provider of precision laser machining, cutting, drilling and engraving services for a variety of aerospace, medical and biotechnology, defense, energy, MEMS, semiconductor and automotive applications.

  • Norman Noble, Inc

    Norman Noble is a contract manufacturer that specializes in micromachining and laser machining services for fabricating medical devices, aerospace components and more. Machining services include laser machining and welding, athermal laser machining, electropolishing and swiss machining.

  • EBTEC Corporation

    EBTEC is able to offer a variety of laser machining services including welding, cutting, drilling and engraving. With 18 laser machines and the ability for 5 & 6 axis laser control, EBTEC provides laser machining to industries such as power generation, medical & defense.

  • Preco, Inc.

    Preco is a machining services provider that offers contract manufacturing services using a variety of complex, precise laser machining processes. Laser services include laser welding and specialty laser cutting for automotive, aerospace, construction and electronics applications.

  • Advanced Laser Machining Inc.

    Advanced Machining Inc is a custom machining services provider that specializes in laser cutting for OEM applications in the automotive, military, aviation and communications industries.

  • Spectralytics

    Spectralytics offers a variety of machining services including custom laser machining of a variety of metals, composites and plastics for military, aircraft and aerospace components.

  • The MuShield Co.

    The MuShield Co is a designer and fabricator of a wide range of components used in aerospace, aircraft and military applications. MuShield specializes in in CAM, precision laser work, and tool making.

  • Laserage Technology Corp.

    Laserage Technology Corp specializes in laser scribing, machining, drilling, welding, and other custom laser job shop services. Laserage's laser services include cutting, drilling and welding for a wide range of custom laser cut components service a variety of industries.

  • Acceleron, Inc.

    Acceleron's laser services are supported by state-of-the-art machines and controls utilizing both YAG and CO2 Accekreron's laser capabilities include laser welding, drilling, cutting and engraving with up to five-axis machining services for a variety of applications.

  • AltaMAR Laser & Control

    Altamar is a laser machining services provider that offers a variety of flat patterns and formed parts, plastics and composites in a variety of sizes machined at precision accuracy to .002".

  • Vitech Laser Cutting

    BiTech Laser Cutting offers precision laser-cut flat blanks, gaskets, signs and plenty more using reliable C02 technology, high speed linear motors, and 15 years of experience to serve a wide array of industries.

  • Ridge Engineering, Inc.

    Ridge Engineering is a precision machining and sheet metal fabrication specialist that offers CNC laser machining services for a wide array of components.