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Micromachining services commonly produce objects between 100 nanometers and 100 micrometers in size for accelerometer and gear/lever applications.

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  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owens Industries, Inc. offers micromachining for metallic components with micron accuracies, utilizing 5-axis, sink EDM, and wire EDM machining centers. Applications include: collimators, MEMS fiber optic components, electronic microscope accessories, components for respiration monitoring equipment, miniature components for nuclear armament timing devices, miniature gears for the ophthalmic industry, etc.

  • Makino Inc

    Makino, Inc. offers micromachining services from the following machines: iQ300, EDAC1, V22, and UPJ-2. Model iQ300 precision micromachining centers have a 0.005 micron scale feedback, spindle RPMs up to 45,000, 220 lb maximum payloads, and LCD light panel mold inserts. These centers feature nozzle coolants, automatic lubrication, thermal guards, linear motors, and an axis drive temperature control system.

  • Micron Laser Technology

    Micron Laser Technology provides micro-machining services for the consumer electronics, aerospace, and biomedical industries.