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  • Mica-Tron Products Corp.

    Mica-Tron Products Corp. offers composite and plastic machining services. Composites offered include paper based laminates, cotton fabric based laminates, glass fabric based laminates, and synthetic fabric grades. NEMA grades FR-1, XXX, XX, XP, and X paper based laminates are often utilized for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. NEMA grades LE, L, CE, and C cotton fabric phenolics have mechanical/structural applications, and they offer higher strength properties than paper-based grades.

  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller Plastic Products, Inc. offers custom plastic materials in a variety of materials, including: polycarbonate, nylon, noryl, linen phenolic, lexan, kynar, delrin, CPVC, etc. Linen phenolic materials feature fine-weave cotton bases, low moisture absorptions, and electrical property retention.