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  • Connecticut Plastics, Inc.

    Connecticut Plastics offers polypropylene machining, are ISO 9001:2008 re-certified and conform to Mil-I-45208A, Mil-Std-105, and Mil-C-45662. Applications include chemical and fire truck tanks, equipment cabinetry, cutting boards, lab equipment, and pump and valve components. Industries served include food processing and storage, chemical processing, metal plating, prosthetics and orthotics, and semiconductors.

  • Midland Plastics, Inc.

    Midland Plastics is a custom plastic components manufacturer and a distributor of plastic sheet, tubing and rod. They can fabricate polypropylene products for such applications as tanks, covers, semiconductor processing, fume hoods, clicker plates, water pumps, orthopedic appliances, wash booths, lab equipment, tank liners, packaging, and insulators.

  • Curbell Plastics

    Curbell Plastics offers fabrication services and finished parts made of polypropylene and other plastics. They can process plastic materials from .001 thick to widths and lengths up to 126". Services include cutting, CNC routing, mill and lathe work, turning, drilling, bending, bonding, die cutting, and much more.

  • Datron Dynamics, Inc.

    Datron is a plastic machining facility that can manufacture parts and components from polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, polysulfone, delrin, acrylic, ABS, nylon, phenolic, and many other materials. Services include machining and milling polypropylene connectors, counter plates,  wave solder frames, control panels, and prototypes.

  • Plastic Products, Inc.

    Plastic Products has complete facilities for polypropylene machining, molding and fabrication. Polypropylene provides excellent chemical resistance and high purity. Profiles, tubes and special sizes are custom-produced on request.

  • Dalla's Machine, Inc.

    Dalla's offers precision machined components, including fittings, tanks, plenums, ducts, clean room fixtures, and semiconductor process vessels. They are ISO9002 compliant. Materials used include polypropylene, PVC, HDPE, PFA, teflon, and porous PTFE and FM4910 materials.

  • Plastic Concepts, Inc.

    Plastic Concepts is a thermo-plastic welding and machining facility that specializes in polypropylene fabrication, thermo plastic welding, and all types plastic fabrication. Industries served include semiconductor, OEM, plating, ventilation, clean room, solar, fiber optic, and animal research.

  • CDS Plastics, Inc.

    CDS Plastics offers custom plastic CNC milling services. Materials include polypropylene, ABS, nylon, lexan, and PVC. Parts can be made up to 4' x 8'  with 3" maximum thickness. Typical production runs range from one off prototypes to as many as 20,000 pieces.

  • Automation Technology Inc.

    Automation Technology offers polypropylene machining, including thermoplastic welding, heat bending, and solvent bonding. Other materials include PVC, CPVC, polycarbonate, delrin, ertalyte, arcylic, teflon, PVDC, and Peek.

  • Technetics Group

    Technetics Group can machine plastic components to tight tolerances. CNC milling of to 30" x 60" x 30" and CNC turning up to 22" in diameter is available. Manifolds are offered in polypropylene, PVC and G10.

  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller offers polypropylene fabrication through services such as turning, milling, welding and annealing. Many other materials are also available. Applications include storage tanks, pipe systems, wet benches, filtration systems, duct work, exhaust hoods, battery boxes, ventilation systems, and chemical feeders.

  • Dynalab Corp.

    Dynalab Corp. offers plastic machining, bonding, cutting and drilling, polishing, bending and forming, and more. Many materials are offered, including polypropylene.