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Ultrasonic machining is a process to remove material with a vibrating tool operating at ultrasonic frequencies

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  • Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

    Bullen offers ultrasonic machining for hard, brittle materials such as glass, alumina, sapphire, ferrite, piezoceramics, PCD, quartz, technical ceramics, and CVD silicon carbide. Applications include semiconductor processing equipment components, glass wafers for MEMS, and high aspect ratio applications.

  • Sonic-Mill, A Member of The Bell Group

    Sonic-Mill offers two processes for ultrasonic machining. Sinker ultrasonic processing changes high frequency electrical energy into mechanical motion. The ultrasonic motion from the converter is amplified and transmitted to the horn and cutting tool. Their rotary ultrasonic machining process works much the same way except that the ultrasonic motion from the converter is amplified and transmitted to the rotary spindle.

  • Silfex, Inc. a Division of Lam Research Corporation

    Silfex ultrasonic machining, also known as ultrasonic impact grinding, combines ultrasonic vibrations with abrasive slurry to create cavities of any shape in hard, brittle materials (silicon, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, glass, alumina, quartz, sapphire, graphite). Holes as small as 0.018" can be produced.

  • Astro Met, Inc.

    Astro Met's primary focus is ultrasonic machining of custom designed ceramic components from materials that they manufacture internally, including AmAlOx 87 alumina, ZTA-96 zirconia toughened alumina, AmZirOx 86 zirconia, AmAlOx 68 alumina, and Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic.

  • Machined Ceramics, Inc.

    Machined Ceramics offers ultrasonic machining of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, stabilized zirconia, ruby, iron oxide, sapphire, quartz, ceramic composites, and other ceramic materials. Services include ultrasonic core drilling, milling, center-less grinding, threading (ID & OD), and developmental engineering services.

  • San Jose Delta

    San Jose Delta offers ultrasonic machining of alumina, MACOR, beryllium oxide, sapphire, quartz, aluminum nitride, boron carbide and nitride, zirconia, silicon nitride, and others. Capabilities include 24" OD, 18" ID, small hole grinding of .010" diameter, and more.

  • Microcertec SAS

    Benefits of ultrasonic machining by Microcertec include machining of fragile materials like silica, hard materials such as boron carbide and silicon nitride/carbide, square or hexagonal holes in dimensions less than 1 mm, and drilling long holes with a diameter/length ratio greater than 10.